À Perte De Vue

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As Far As The Eyes Can See

For the first few days, you could say that not even half of the group that was sent to you pass

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For the first few days, you could say that not even half of the group that was sent to you pass. It was a boring one, the only thing you made them do was a simple, it is a chocolate cake, or torte of Austrian origin, invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Metternich in Vienna. It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties. After all, you did study your ass off while traveling, this was only one of the things you learn when you visit Austria. Besides, this was your favorite dessert, so you know how the taste should be.

"Times up"

You heard the cries of the students, making you smirk yet keeping a smile on the surface.

"Too bad only 15 of you manage to pass during your second day"

The smirk went into your face, making you look intimidating all of a sudden

"I gave you enough ingredients, five hours to finish a single dessert. That was more than enough"

You glare at them,

"But we are more fan of the main course"

You heard one of the students stated, making you pout, devishly.

"You have a point there"

You stated, making them feel ease.

"However, I myself is a Totsuki Graduate, I myself can cook a main course without hitch even though I'm just an ordinary pasty chef. A cook that can't even make a dessert for his or her customer can get out of this session now"

You glare at them, you heard some of them end up kneeling the ground.

"You (Surname) are the worst"

You heard someone said, making you chuckle.

"I'm sorry? Sorry that you can't reach me nor my sister's expectations"

You smirk, back turning on them as you started heading out of the room.


You shoot a look on your sister who seems to be leaning against the wall.

"Dojima-senpai called you on his office"

Morrigan* stated, making you raise an eye brows at her.

"What for? I'm not in the mood"

You said with a frown

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