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My Heart Is Yours

My Heart Is Yours

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"That idiot, how dare he summon me here all of a sudden when I just finished my grand opening in Spain."

You mumble under your breath, heels stomping on the side walk.

A few days ago, right after you opened your second main cafe in Barcelona Spain. You received a phone call saying.

"Hey, Come at the last day of my pre-opening"

Then hang up on you, and by the time you try to call him.

He just won't answer you.

So you have no choice but to actually come and to see how was your lover Tokyo branch is doing, leaving your Barcelona to your trusted workers and interns. But what's more annoying is that you have to take almost 15 and a half hours to go back in Japan coming from Spain.

It was tiring.

You pouted, for a moment you are starting to think if you picked the right to wear. As you made your way towards the restaurant, you saw a figure from afar. You stop as you get to finally come close to the figure.

"A... Auntie?!"

You uttered,


She smiled to you sweetly,

"(First name), It's glad to see you after years. You haven't visited me, you're almost like Kojiro"

You are dumbfounded as she spoke.

Shinomiya Kojiro's mother, you haven't seen her during the past few years. Kojiro never introduce you to her, You are the one who introduce yourself to her that one time Shinomiya ordered you to meet his mom during his first year in Paris as a trainee, at first she didn't believe you, like How could a lovely girl like you be my troublesome son's girlfriend? you almost laugh at that, and maybe you actually did, and because Shinomiya never actually paid visit to her, you did your ways to visit her everytime you went back to Japan, but ever since you two have part ways two years ago, you thought it would be the best to cut ties with everyone close to him.

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