Lointain Souvenir

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Distant Memory

Chou Farci, a dish filled of chopped meat and vegetables are warpped in cabbage leaves, then steamed

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Chou Farci, a dish filled of chopped meat and vegetables are warpped in cabbage leaves, then steamed. You know this dish was often made in French homes, that's why. Years back then, whenever you two settle down after a long day on your shared apartment, he will always make this dish.

"I'm taken a back"

Inui stated, making you look at her

"Shinomiya-senpai tends to pnly make fancy dishes--"

Before she get to finish her sentences, Shinomiya wack her in the head.

She was right, usually Shinomiya tends to make only fancy dish, specially this is a Shokugeke after all, it seems weird but by the look of it you think it will be great, it was made by him after all, no matter how simple the dish can be, once it was made by him it could be any fancy.

You sigh, never understanding what the people beside you as they eat the dish. You decided to try it yourself. Taking a slice of it, as you take a bite, a distant memories come crushing back into you.

"How was your day?"

It was like the usual day you went home after closing your cafe, he was already home from his usual training. And he was already ta the kitchen.

"Like usual, though, I have to say today was pretty interesting. My new intern is hitting on me"

You laugh, putting your bag down on the table and sitting down on the sofa with a sigh.

"Oh really?"

You heard the sarcasm in his voice clearly coming from the kitchen

You smile and rose from your seat, feet taking you to the kitchen where you see him boiling something. His back facing you, you tiptoe towards him and hug him form behind, sent of french aroma coming from him makes you hug him even tighter. Just like that, a smirk form from your lips.

"You are jealous?"

"Why would I?"

He scoff, making you bury your face on his back.

"I see"

You smiled, withdrawing your arms around him and setting on his side.

"What are you cooking?"

"Chou Farci"

He answered, not even glancing at you, making you nod.

"Oh, I should bake then."

You blink, turning around to reach the cabinet where you held your baking stuffs, but then something sink in into you.

"Wait, did you just said Chou Farci?"

You gasp, turning around to face him once again, only to see him smiling as he lean against the counter looking at you.

"Yeah, you kept on complaining for the past weeks and it's starting to pissed me off, so to shut you up, this will be our dinner for tonight"

You can't help but to smile at his words,

"Awe, I love you too"

"I told you, it was only for you to stop complaining"

"Yeah, yeah whatever. I love you love me"

You open your eyes with a sigh as the food goes down on your throat. A satisfying sigh leaves your lips, keeping away the memories in mind.

"I want to taste Tadokoro's dish"

You mumble to yourself.

You want this to end as soon as possible.

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