Coup De Chance

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Stroke Of Luck

The first time you met Shinomiya Kojiro was back on your Totsuki days. You are a first year, well of course he was a year ahead of you, you heard things about him, Chapelle sensei said he was a troublesome student, but he was full of potential. That was enough to make you feel interested on him. 

The first time you actually met him was in the middle of your first year. On a shokugeki between him and a boy from a class you don't know. You always seems like a relaxed and mind your own person, the only friend you have was Hinako Inui, she was the one who drag you into the hall, saying you should accompany her, because it was an important match.


And the moment you saw him and arrive at the place where they usually held the shokugeki, you immediately fell in love with the aroma, eventually, it lead you looking at the pink haired boy, you have to be honest, he was a total cutie and hottie at the same time. Then you realize, he was Shinomiya Kojiro, the Elite Ten first seat Shinomiya Kojiro.


They said it was love at first sight. But you knew it wasn't just that. You fall in love with him the moment you was him making his dishes with love.


You went towards him lead by Inui as he won the Shokugeki, you are shy, of course, it was the first time you will ever get close to him after all. But before you knew it, you are already standing in front of him, Inui flocking all around him as he eventually made her stop by cupping her face with his hand, while struggling to escape, you set your eyes back to the guy in front of you in horror, he was a scary person despite his good looks. But as much to your surprise, he was already looking at you.


"Hey brat"


You utter, surprise by him.


"You're (Last name)(First name) right?"

You blink at him, surprised once again.




"Good, let's go on a date this Saturday"

He let go of Inui, then walking past you with out even hearing your reply

"what the hell?"

"Hey! (Nick name)!"

You shake your head to get rid of the memories

"Yes mom?"

You trail off as you look at the huge door in front of you, before looking at her.

"Are you ready?"

She ask, hand giving you a gentle squeeze.


You said, smile painted on your lips as you look through your veil at you parents.

"I'm ready"

You said as you entangle your arms at them.

As the door opened, you walk down the aisle, smile painted on your lips.

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