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Everything Will Be Fine

Everything Will Be Fine

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"Good, Then Shinomiya"

You smiled at him, eyes closing as you loosen your grip on his uniform.

"Let's break up, officially this time"

You heard a creaking behind you, yet you didn't turn around, all you ever did was to take a sip of wine, admiring the stars on the sky as you are leaning against the railings.

"Thought your flight will be tonight?"

You turn around, mug in hand, facing your friend.

"Yeah, at 11:45 this evening apparently."

You said with a sigh, once again turning your back at her to admire the view.

"Oh, that's why you thought it would be a great idea to crush into my bar at 9 pm."

She said, finally making it beside you.

For a moment, her eyes darted on your mug.


"Nope, wine"

You heard her scoff in disbelief,

"You're kidding"

"ohh no. Go ahead and taste it"

You said with a smile, offering her your mug in which she took.

"who the hell drinks wine in a mug?"

"Me? I guess?"

You chuckle, making back you drink from her.

"Oh well I guess. How are you? (nick name)"

"I'm doing fine"

You answered.

"Yeah, I heard. You'll be opening your new cafe at Spain right? In a few months?"

"Oh yes! Also, If you're not busy, why don't you come?"

"I'm busy with my schedule"

You pout at her statement, making you take the final sip of your wine.

"Oh right, You are the same'ol great Leanne after all"

You said, voice dripping in sarcasm.

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