Don't Go

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This. This is what Tom has been trying to make me see. All this time. All that talk about my light. And the second chance. He was giving me all these hints.

He's loved me. And he was just waiting for me.

One of the very things he said to me was that, its not a matter of finding the person you're meant to be with, but a matter of waiting to find each other. Tom has loved me all along and he was just waiting on me.

Well he doesn't have to wait anymore.

I parked, quick and crooked in the parking lot of the airport. I wasn't sure if I could even park where I was supposed to or not. It may have been a tow zone.

He gave his car to me 2 hours ago, and Its already about to be towed.

But honestly, I don't care. The only thing that mattered in that moment was seeing Tom's face. Praying that I made it in time to stop him.

All this time, I've been waiting for someone to stop me. I wanted John to stop me from leaving, and I even wanted my father, to stop me from making more mistakes.

This time, its me doing the stopping. Its time for me to prove to Tom that I love him. And that I can fight for him.

I ran through the doors of the airport and I was immediately reminded of that first night. I smiled at the memory. My mind rewinding to that night. Seeing Tom step right beside me with my duffle bag over his shoulder. "So what's your name, stranger?" When I replayed the memory in my mind, hearing his voice in my head gave me more of a motivation for getting to Tom.

I ran faster. Dodging the travelers and trying to find the gate to the plane Tom was supposed to be on.

When I looked up at the list of flights. I sighed with relief when I saw that Tom's plane hasn't boarded yet. But I only had a few minutes before it did.

I didn't waste anytime.

I navigated through the people. Now its not a big surprise, I'm not good with directions. But when you have a purpose to finding what you need to find, you know exactly where to go.

I saw the sign for Tom's flight boarding area. I stood on my tippy toes over the crowd of, no other than, photographers. Well, a form of photographers. Called paparazzi. Now I understand why Tom wanted to leave so early. To prepare for the swarm.

Seeing all of the paparazzi surrounding the gate in front of the boarding area, surprised me for a second. I was so used to the off the radar Tom. I kept on forgetting he was an actor. But like I said. I had a purpose. Nothing was slowing me down. I looked up at the clock. The boarding area door opened and the passengers began to file in.

I made my way through the paparazzi to the front of the gate. I spotted Tom right away. My mind knew exactly what tall, handsome man to look for.

His head was down and he was about ten feet away from me.

It felt further.

I looked around at the paparazzi and their cameras. Then I looked down to Tom's camera. Still dangling around my neck, right where he left it.

I turned it on quick. And looked up to Tom, holding his carry-on bag in his hand. I screamed. "Tom! Over here!" Loud. Over all of the paparazzi.

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