New Things

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I stuck the keys in the ignition of the Jaguar. And listened to the growl of the engine. I don't think I will ever get used to hearing that.

"You're truly crazy, for letting me drive this car." I said bluntly to Tom.

Tom chuckled. "Trust me. Its not so hard, driving in the opposite."

"Are you sure?" I asked nervously.

He nodded. "Its like riding a bike. Once you get the hang of it... it'll be a breeze."

I placed my hands onto the steering wheel.

He was comparing it to riding a bike. While I was comparing it to trying to write with your left hand, when you are naturally right handed.

I began to drive. And I felt terrible for the drivers who were behind me. I was driving awfully slow, for fear of getting, even the slightest dent, on this car. This Jaguar was worth more than me.

Tom noticed my turtle-like driving. "Uhm, Ariana. The gas pedal exists, do you know that?" he asked in a sarcastic tone.

I glared at him for a moment, before turning my eyes back onto the road.

He laughed. "Just try and get comfortable. You'll get used to it."

I began to think about what he meant by that statement. It seemed like every time Tom spoke, he'd hide a riddle in his words. Like a message for only me to understand.
Just try and get comfortable, you'll get used to it. Was he really talking about my driving? Or my life in general?

I guess it didn't matter either way. I felt like I was never going to get used to either one of them.

We drove down the road in complete silence. Between my concentration, and Tom's amusement of my slow driving, there was nothing to really say.

About 45 minutes passed. Tom sat up and pointed out the windshield. "You're going to take this next right, up here." He said.

I was driving a little bit faster now. And I wasn't as tense. But, I hadn't had a lot of practice on turning. Everything still felt backwards. It's because everything was backwards.

I slowed the car down, almost to a stop, and turned into the lot. Let me just say, I didn't hit a single thing. I didn't get a single scratch on the Jag.

I pulled into the small lot in front of a cute little diner. And as I took the keys out of the ignition, I sighed with relief.

Tom smiled. "See, I told you. Its not so bad. It just takes some getting used to."

I smiled. "Yeah." That gave me a glimmer of hope. I know it sounds crazy but, I couldn't help but smile. If I had gotten used to this, Maybe it is possible to get used to my new life. My life that didn't focus on my past. My life that was all about, the future. And what's to come.

And no matter how hard it was going to be to get used to, it has to be done. Just like driving in the opposite.

"Well, are you ready to eat?" Tom asked.

I fiddled with the keys to the Jag, in my hands. Thinking. Then focused my attention onto Tom and his question.

"Yes! Of course!" I said, sounding a bit too excited. That's because I was. I could already smell breakfast.

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