Closer To Him

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I looked over to Tom as the limo drove away. I looked up to the sign. Looking very familiar. I finally remembered coming to this place, my first week in London. "So, you took my to a bar? This is the surprise?"

Tom walked over to the door of the bar. Placing his hand over the doorknob, but not opening it just yet. "Yes. This is the surprise. Are you disappointed?" He asked as he looked back to me, standing behind him.

I smiled. "No. Like I said. Nothing can ruin this night."

Tom grinned. Then swung the door to the bar open. There was nobody inside. The dance floor was lit up with a spotlight. And every other spot in the bar was dim lighting. I walked in, in front of Tom, as he held the door open for me. He shut the door behind us. "Well, here we are."

I looked around. Confused. "Where is everybody?"

Tom shrugged. "Well, I forgot to add in the little part. That I sort of rented the place out for the night."

I smirked, thinking that Tom was just joking around. But he wasn't. He was serious. He actually rented put the place for the night.

My eyes widened with shock. "Tom! That must have been a fortune!"

He shook his head. "Don't worry about the cost. Besides, I told you. I know the manager. I told Carl it was a very important night, and He gave me a good deal."

I took my eyes off Tom and his perfectly tailored tux, and I looked around the empty bar. "So, we have the whole place to ourselves?"

"Its just you and me." He answered.

Then, almost on cue, the manager Carl walked out of the back room.

Tom looked at me. "Just you and me... and Carl." He corrected himself.

Then the band came out and set up their instruments in front of the dance floor.

"And the band." Tom added.

The bartender walked out from the kitchen with a rag and began to clean the bar.

"And... the bartender." Tom said.

I looked over to Tom. He pinched the crease of his nose, looking embarrassed.

I couldn't help but laugh. Yeah. Just you and me. And all of the staff.

Carl saw the two of us, standing at the entrance. His face lit up when he saw Tom. "Ah! You made it."

Tom nodded. "Yeah, we're here."

Carl walked over and gave Tom a manly hug. A few pats on the back. "Its good to see you Carl."

Carl let go of Tom and turned his attention to me. "Wow. You must be Ariana. I finally get to meet the woman Tom talks about all the time!"

I turned to Tom. His face was a little red. He was blushing. I smirked. Then shook Carl's hand. "Its a pleasure to meet you, Carl."

He gave me a friendly smile. "You too." He looked back over to Tom. "Well, aren't you gonna buy the beautiful woman a drink? For Christ's sake Tom. Where are you manners?"

I laughed quietly so Carl wouldn't hear or see me.

Tom shook his head. Not even arguing with the old man.  Tom looked past Carl, to me. "Ari, would you like a drink?"

"I would love one." I said, still amused by the way Carl treats Tom like his own son.

Tom smiled and took my hand. "Okay Carl. We'll catch up with you later."

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