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I gently knocked on Lucy's door to her office. I was surprised when she wasn't there to open it. So I slipped the folder under her door, hoping that she'd get my photos.

For some reason, I was a bit nervous. I kept on imagining Lucy looking at my photos, and telling me that they are horrible. And firing me. I knew that wouldn't happen, but it was the only thing I thought about.

As I was walking to my office, I spotted her and waved my hand to get her attention. "Lucy!"

She looked up to me and smiled brightly. "Ariana, hey you didn't tell me that you know Tom Hiddleston."

I looked at her confused. I wasn't expecting her to know who he was. But I kept on forgetting the big detail about Tom. He's an actor. I never really look at him as an actor. Just a really close friend. So when people bring him up, I am reminded that he's famous. He's not just a normal guy. Although he never gives me reason to remind me. He almost never brings up his career. Its other people that bring me back to reality. "Yeah. He's a close friend of mine." I answered Lucy.

She nodded. "I saw saw him at the front desk. He was telling me that he knows you. It's crazy. Our agency has taken quite a lot of cover photos of his handsome face for his actor portfolio. And you are friends with him! What a small world."

I blocked out half of Lucy's statement. "Wait, did you just say that he was at the front desk? Just now?" I said curiously.

She nodded. "Yeah. I'm pretty sure he was dropping something off."

That was odd. What was he doing at my work? As I was trying to think of a sensible answer to my question, I blanked out on Lucy. I quickly snapped out of it when I felt her tap my shoulder. "Ariana, are you alright?"

I nodded. "Oh yeah, sorry. Um, I dropped off my photos in your office." I said quickly, changing the subject.

She looked at me with surprise. "Wow! You're two weeks early!"

I grinned. "I had a bit of inspiration."

She nodded. "Well, great! Oh, that reminds me. I almost forgot to give you..." She stuck her hand inside the binder she was holding. The binder was packed full of papers, and pictures. It looked messy, but Lucy knew exactly where things were in it. She took out a little envelope and handed it to me.

The envelope was a vanilla color. Black ink engraved the envelope. 'Ariana Harrington' written in cursive across the envelope. It looked so formal.

"Your invitation." Lucy said, smiling brightly.

I took the envelope and ran my finger across the printing of my name. My invitation to the Art Show. Its official. I'm actually going.

Lucy smiled. "And I guess you can give Tom his, since you're friends with him!"

I took my eyes off my invitation when I heard her say that Tom had one too. "Wait, Tom is going?"

She laughed. "Of course! He didn't tell you? All actors and celebrities get invitations to events like this! That's part of the reason the London Art Show is so popular!"

She handed me Tom's invitation. His envelope looked just like mine, with the name 'Tom Hiddleston' written across it.

I nodded. "Well, I'll bring it to him. Thank you Lucy."

She nodded. "Have a good day, Ariana."



I got out of work early. I didn't have a project to do, so there wasn't much work. Tom wasn't picking me up today because he said he had something he had to do.

The whole thing with Tom was starting to make me wonder. Why was he at my work? What was he dropping off at the front desk? Why didn't he tell me that he is invited to the Art Show every year? Part of me wanted to call him, but another part of me wanted to talk to him in person. And ask him. I held our invitations in my hand. Reading our names over and over again.

The fall air felt more like winter, we were just getting to the end of November. As I walked, the breeze blew against my face and I felt as if I would eventually just stop. And freeze.

I finally got into my apartment building, and sighed with relief when I felt the heat from the lobby hit my face and my hands.

I got to the third floor and walked down the hallway to my apartment. Still mainly focusing on the invitations. And what I was going to say when I saw Tom. What question should I ask him first?

As I neared the end of the hallway, I looked up to see Tom. He was perched up against my door. He had his camera around his neck. His blue-green eyes fell onto me and he smiled. Looking at my hands. "You got my invitation."

I nodded. "Yeah, why didn't you tell me you were invited? And what are you doing here? And-" I began to ask him all the questions I had, all at once.

He kicked himself off of the door and walked over to me. He took the invitation. "I wanted it to be a surprise. I couldn't pick you up from work today, because I was buying a tux. And I'm here right now because..." He brought his hand out from behind his back. I didn't even notice it was behind his back in the first place. In his hands were a bouquet of flowers. "Because I wanted to know if you would be my date to the Art Show."

I grinned. Taking the flowers in my hands. "You planned this all out, to surprise me?"

He shrugged his shoulders, smiling down to me. "What can I say, I'm a sucker for corny surprises."

I laughed. "It wasn't corny."

He nodded. "Its okay, I know it's corny. It's like a scene from a chick-flick romance movie."

I smirked. "Okay, it was kind of corny. But, it made me smile. So, I guess I'm a sucker for corny surprises too"

He laughed. "So, is it a date Ari?"

I nodded looking up to his rosey cheeks with a smile on my face. "Its a date."

He smiled and unexpectedly put his arms around me. Hugging me.

I hugged him back. Then we let go and I looked back up to him. "But. If you're going to be my date, I have some guidelines."

He sighed. Shaking his head and smirking boyishly. "Of course you do. Let me guess... No physical interaction."

I shook me head. "No kissing, hands stay by my waist, no higher, no lower. And if anyone asks, we are just friends."

He nodded. "You got it, boss."

I laughed. "Okay, good."

He looked at me. "I do have a question."

"Yeah?" I responded.

He grinned. "Do you give me permission to make it the best date you've ever been on?"

I smiled. "Yes. As long as you follow the guidelines, I give you permission."

"Good. Then, it's a date."

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