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Tom held onto my hand tight as we dashed out of the museum doors. Laughing at the fact that we just slipped by everyone and escaped that boring Art Show. I mean don't get me wrong, it was a good show. Lots of beautiful work. But honestly. The best part of the show was, all the parts with Tom.

We caught our breath as we began to stop laughing.

Tom took my hand again and lead me to the limo. "Come on. I have a surprise."

I smiled. "Haven't you given me enough surprises today?"

He shook his head. "Nope. Like I said before Ari, I'm a sucker for corny surprises."

I laughed and followed him to the limo. Tom told the limo driver where to go, obviously whispering. Because apparently it was 'top secret'.

After Tom told the limo driver, he hopped into the back with me. I grabbed the champagne glasses and turned to Tom. "Want a drink?"

He shook his head. "I'm so sick of champagne."

I laughed. "Yeah. Me too."

He grinned. Then reached under the seat and took out a bottle of whiskey. "How about a little of this?" He asked.

I shook my head. "You're unbelievable. How did you-"

Tom cut me off. "I was saving it for after the Show." He explained.

I laughed. "Well I'd love some!"

He opened the bottle and took a swig of it. Scrunching up his face a bit as he drank. He passed it to me and I did the same.

I put the cap on the bottle and looked back over to Tom. "You know, if I get fired for leaving that Art Show, I'm blaming you."

He chuckled. "I'm such a bad influence, aren't I?" He took the whiskey and stuck it on the table. Then he turned to me, studying me. "Can I tell you something?" He asked.

"Of course." I said.

"Cynthia was right." He started. "You do have what it takes to own your own agency."

I smiled. "I hope so." I said. My mind began to drift off to the past. Taking photos with my father. All of our dreams we would share with each other. I remember having so much optimism about the future. And I can't blame John for taking that away. I can't blame my father. The only person to blame for lost motivation and optimism, is myself. I looked at Tom as his listening eyes focused onto me.

Tom didn't ask me to, but its about time I tell Tom something, that he doesn't have to force out of me. So I took a deep breath, and told a story. "When I was about sixteen or seventeen, my father and I were out, going for a walk. We were taking a few pictures and we were talking, like we always did. And I had just told my dad that I wanted to be a photographer." I looked down, away from Tom's eyes. He was distracting me. "And that day, my father and I both created this dream. That once I graduated college, he and I would, put our savings together, and buy a little piece of land in the city. And we'd start our own photo agency. We even had a name for it... Harrington Photo Agency. I know, its not creative. But, it was going to be ours. So we didn't care." I looked back up to Tom. "And when my father died. I felt all of this... guilt. I know it may have not been me, literally killing him. But, with all of the horrible things I said to him, I may as well have stabbed him in the heart." I dabbed the tear in my eyes away, before my mascara could run. And I took a deep breath. "And so that's why I want, so badly, to own my own Agency. So my father knows for sure, that I love him and that I'm sorry. Having that place that is ours, building our dream. That is my way of telling my father that, he raised a good daughter. And that his life was worth something."

Tom had tears in his eyes. He placed his hand over mine. "Ariana. His life was already worth everything. Because you were in it."

I shook my head. "That's not a good enough conclusion for me."

Tom grinned. "So, may I ask one thing?"

"Shoot." I said.

"If you want to own your own agency, and everyone else wants you to own your own agency... Why haven't you opened your own agency?" He asked.

I sighed. "Financial problems. Unfortunately without my father's help. I don't have the money to just buy a building and start an Agency. That's why I save as much as I can, and when the time comes, I'll fulfill my dream. Our dream. Harrington Photo Agency."

Tom smiled slightly, peering into my eyes. "Your father would be so proud of you, Ari."

I looked down again to my hand in Tom's. And I squeezed it tight. "I miss him."

Tom nodded and let go of my hand, putting his arm around me, hugging me. I hugged him back.



We had been in the limo for a good half an hour, about 10 minutes away from the mystery destination I knew nothing about. After my confessions to Tom, we decided to lighten the mood and take a few more sips of whiskey.

"Will you please tell me where we are going?" I begged Tom.

He shook his head. "Nope. It would ruin the surprise."

I leaned back in the seat and looked past Tom, out the window. I thought I had seen something. I drew in closer to the window. I saw it right. I turned to Tom. "Its snowing!"

He looked out the window at the light flurry of snowflakes, flying through the air."

He smiled and looked back to my excited face. "I take it, you like snow?"

"I love snow." I looked up at the sunroof above Tom and I. "Would it be totally cliché of me to stick my head out of the sunroof?"

Tom laughed. "It would be very cliché. But go for it." He pressed the button and the Sunroof opened up.

I stood up and stuck my head out. Feeling the crisp air hit my face as we drove. It felt good, considering the fact that my face was hot from drinking whiskey. I closed my eyes and let the snowflakes fall onto my face. When I opened my eyes again. I admired the glow of the London city lights, looking like snowflakes themselves. In that moment, everything felt perfect.

But I noticed that it wasn't just that moment that was perfect. It was everything. I knew that tomorrow, I was going to wish I could rewind it, and relive this night over again. It was just one of those nights. All thanks to my assistant.

I stuck my head back into the limo and pressed the bottom to close the sunroof.

Tom looked at my damp face, from the snow. And he laughed. He grabbed a napkin and dabbed my face dry.

"Tom." I said as he put the napkin back down on the table."

"Yes." He answered. Looking back to me.

"Thank you. For tonight. This is the most fun I've had in years."

Tom grinned. "You're welcome Ari." The limo slowed down to a stop. "But, it's not over yet." He said as he opened the door.

"We're here."

Important part! Ariana's talk about her father is very importantOkay I should tell you that the next part is going to give you major feels. Good feels!! Happy feels!!! can't wait for you to read it! for now, enjoy this part! x.Ashley

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