Who I Am

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"Say cheese!" I said, laughing.
John grabbed my hand and spun my into him. "Cheese!" He gave a goofy face for the camera.
I laughed harder. "With that face, you should be a model."
He chuckled. "Good, because I was thinking of becoming one."
He pulled me into him. "I love you Ariana."
I was surprised. He has never told me that before. I looked into his eyes. "I love you too, John."
He grinned. "Did I shock you?"
"No, its just, we've been dating for a few months. I was waiting for you to say that you loved me."
He touched his hand to the side of my face. "I love you. And I'll shout it from the roof tops!"
I laughed as he got up and began to scream. "I LOVE ARIANA HARRINGTON!"
I took my hand and playfully covered his mouth. "Be quiet!"
He wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me.

Bam. I woke up. It was just a dream.

Actually, no. It was a flashback. I had forgot about that day. The day he told me that he loved me. It was so spontaneous. So perfect. A fairytale. What happened?

He changed. He got sick of me. He slowly got less spontaneous, less playful, less caring. I should have known the day would come, that he'd end it. I just wish I had a clue why he changed. How did I get him to leave? I needed closure.

I sat in my bed, staring at the ceiling. Remembering every single kiss, every touch.

I looked over at the time. Nine o'clock in the morning.

I was wide awake. May as well stay awake. I got up and walked to the kitchen. Nothing in my fridge, no coffee maker. I didn't even think to go to the grocery store.

I decided I'd get ready and go to the store. So I hopped in the shower and got dressed. It didn't take very long. I wasn't trying to impress anyone.



I grabbed my jacket and opened the door to my apartment. But I stopped short, when I saw a box, sitting outside of my door, right be my feet.

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