One Year Later

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Love is like a destination. Some are able to reach it faster than others. Some don't reach it at all. And some get lost along the way.

"Ms. Harrington the photos came back from development. How do they look?"

I turned on the over head light to examine the nature photos done by one of my newest photographers. "Beautiful. Great job Sydney."

"Thank you boss!" Sydney said, excitedly.

"Syd, I told you. Just because I am your boss, doesn't mean you have to call me boss. Call me Ariana." I said as I pat her on the back.

"Yes. I forgot. Thank you, Ariana."

Being my own boss was still new to me.

I grinned and walked towards my office when my phone began to ring.

"Hello?" I answered it.

There on the phone, was that girly British voice that I missed so much. Lucy. "Well hello there. So what? Yo a big shot owner of one of the most popular agencies in England, and you can't give your old boss a call every now and then?"

I laughed. "Sorry Lucy, I've been kind of up to my knees in busy. But don't worry, I'm not going to forget about you."

"Good. You better not." She said. "I just wanted to call quick and say congratulations. On the agency. You deserve it."

I smiled. "Thank you. That means a lot."

"Well, I won't keep you. Like you said, you have a lot of work to do if Harrington Photo Agency is actually going to beat out London Photo.

I smirked. "And the friendly rivalry continues. Goodbye Lucy. And watch your back." I said jokingly.

She chuckled. "You do the same, newbie."

It was still so surreal. My new life. And by new life, I mean... totally different life. Better life. Being my own boss. Living my dream. I've been chasing dreams all my life. And now, its like... I can finally stop. There is nothing left to chase. Because I have everything I've been looking for. Everything that I would imagine in my wildest and most unrealistic dreams, I have it. I have it all and I'm not taking it for granted for a single second.

Back then, I thought that this point in my life, was impossible. To reach the point where I let go of my past, and held onto something worth holding onto. But it was possible.

My phone began to ring again. I took a deep breath and answered. "Lucy. I'm sorry but I'm busy..."

"So that's my new nickname? Lucy?" Tom said sarcastically.

"Oh hey, sorry I thought you were Lucy." I said.

"Nope its just your devilishly handsome boyfriend." Tom said jokingly. Although, it was true. "Well, I know you're busy but would you mind doing me a favor darling?" He said sweetly.

I grinned. "Anything."

"Meet me at Dorney Lake at 7pm sharp. My favorite spot. Don't be late."

My heart skipped a beat, or five. The last time a man told me to meet him somewhere special, it didn't go too well. But with Tom, I had faith that this time was going to be different. "Uh, okay. I'll be there. Not a minute late."

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