The Vampires Pet - Chapter 1

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The Vampire's Pet

Chapter 1

"Hallie, promise me you'll be okay," My best friend, Marie, hugged me while she worried. 

"Marie, seriously," I smiled and shook my head. "I live five minutes away and its literally a thirty second walk to my car. What could possibly happen?"

"You're right." She nodded, still hugging me.

"Umm..." Awkward! "... you have to let me go, Marie."

"Oh!" She blushed. "Sorry."

"I'll see you later."

"Bye, Hallie. Call me as soon as you get in."

I nodded as she let me go. "I will."

She watched as I left and continued to watch until I was out of eyesight. 

Marie and I had been best friends ever since we were in diapers. We did everything together as kids and we looked out for eachother. As we grew up, Marie matured and fell in love, and became engaged by the time she was twenty. I, on the other hand, didn't know what I wanted. 

I couldn't even stick to the same job! Literally after two weeks I'd get bored and quit. At twenty-two I felt I was still a baby. I was still learning about the world and I enjoyed exploring new things. 

I liked a challenge. 

The rain began to fall, nocking me out of my trail of thoughts. I sighed and continued on as the rain poured harder. 

The engagment party was boring anyway. I only went because if I didn't, it would cause arguments between myself and my best friend. Truth was I didn't like Dan at all. Dan was Marie's soon to be husband and ever since she met him, Marie went from fun loving and care-free to practical and boring. 

Dan was such a control freak. Everyone noticed how he'd watch Marie like a psyco, stalk her every move. Marie constantly tried to please him and yet, he'd still find faults. 

Dan knew I hated him. I liked to voice it at every opputunity. 

A cold shiver ran down my back, bringing me back to present time again and my heart began to race. The clip of my heels and the bounce of the rain was now joined by another pair of feet. 

I turned to find myself up close to a man. His hair fell to his collarbone in wet, dripping waves which were black as night. Eyes, darker than dark chocolate and full of humor. Nose, definately been broken a few times. Facial hair dusted his strong jawline and two white canines rested on his thin lips like blades.

Before a sound uttered from my mouth, a peice of cloth convered my mouth and I knew no more. 

I woke with a banging headache. My body felt tender to the touch. The air around me felt cold and smelt of dampness and moist. 

I cracked open my eyes to find myself staring at a brick wall. Looking to my right, a pair of bars locked me in the cell like a wild animal.

And so my imprisonment began. 


I slept. I woke. I paced. I ate. I slept. 

That was my routine. 

I had no idea if it were light or dark. I had no idea of the days, nor the hours. I didn't even know how long I'd been here. 

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