Wonder's Thunder 〰 Thor by SupremeNinjaMaster
Wonder's Thunder 〰 Thorby Rachel
Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, an avenger, an amazon, a queen and an Olympian Goddess. Norse and Greek storm deites meet in battle and must become strong allies or somethi...
  • harleyquinn
  • ifeellikeimtheonly1whoshipsthem
  • dianaprince
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inevitable by bbleighx
inevitableby C O R E Y
Cancer Noun; A disease caused by the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. A story in which a girl who is dying, learns to live from from...
  • ashleybenson
  • romance
  • selenagomez
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The Ballerina and the Bad Boy by Am_I_Really_here
The Ballerina and the Bad Boyby Christina
I look up from my position on stage, looking through the glaring lights as the music dies. I can barely see anything past the lights, but somehow I always find him in th...
  • bruises
  • ballet
  • boxer
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Evie / The Parent Trap/Fanfiction  by AnnieMaeBlyth
Evie / The Parent Trap/Fanfiction by Annie-Mae Blyth
After years apart, Annie and Hallie are back together with their parents madly in love again. They chose to give summer camp a Miss this year to spend more time with the...
  • summerromance
  • annie
  • sunny
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Hallie Winchester by Lucifers_own
Hallie Winchesterby Hallie Winchester
So this is basically about Sammy and Dean having a little sister. (Not extremely little. 13 to be exact.) I won't follow the story line exactly because this is a fan-mad...
  • hallie
  • dean
  • demons
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