I was laid somewhere calm, soft, and 1D free. Floating in delicious thoughts of guilty pleasures. Brusquely, voices smeared with concern pulled me away from my numb state of mind. No! I wanna stay unconscious! I can’t help screaming inside.

“What did you do to her for Kevin’s sake Niall?” 

“Nothing! I swear! I picked her up and as soon as we were out of the vehicle, she went limp in my arms!” Protested a stuffed voice. I slowly felt myself gaining consciousness. No. No. NO! Don’t wake up! I scream mentally. But my mind doesn’t obey. The overwhelming smell of carrots fills my nostrils, making me unbelievingly hungry.

“Look! Soph seems to get back to herself. Shove it down her mouth.”

I feel something moist but sugary being pressed on my lips. I don’t open my eyes as I take a mouthful of what tasted like carrot cake. I moan in appreciation, and savour the taste while it lingered in my mouth.

“Told ya she’d like carrots.” I identified as Louis voice saying merrily. “Hey Niall! Mind to share? Soph here wants more I think.”

“I do! I’m famished!” I exclaim supporting his sayings, opening my eyes wildly. Louis laughs and grabs the plate with the carrot cake, on which Niall was munching happily, and tossed it to me. 

“Hey! But I was eating it!” Niall objected. He licked his fingers clean of the icing while I stuffed my face with the cake, ignoring everyone’s astonishment at how fast I was tossing it down my throat.

“What!?!”I say between bites. “It’s not like you’ve fed me during the last days as your captive. Let me think. Ummm... My last meal goes to about breakfast, hmmm, on the day of my kidnapping!” I say sarcastically, taking mouthfuls of the carrot goodness.

“Oh. So that’s what we’ve forgotten.” Harry says dumbly.

“Well, duh. Who forgets to feed the pussy?” I say using his cat and female body adoration to mock him. He gives me a livid look, making look from his face away hastily.

Niall, practically horrified at the fact of not eating for a couple of days, exclaimed loudly. “You poor thing! If ever you’re hungry again, come and see me. I always carry a couple of snacks because if I don’t the boys let me starve!” He complained, understanding my present situation. I carefully sat up straight on the sofa, and whimpered at the pain my legs were still inflicting.

“Guys, you are sooo going to be the death of me.” I moaned, rubbing my thighs to ease the soreness.

“There is at least one positive spin to this situation.” Says Harry casually, breaking an awkward silence.

“Oh yeah? And what’s that?” I ask, not really wanting to know the answer.

“You solved the problem about me having to talk to the fans about the reason I’m carrying you. Just had to say you fainted and we were all sped here.”

“And here is…” I ask, wanting the more information to plan my escape.

“Backstage.” Louis answers with a seductive smile.

“And thank God there’s a buffet! I would’ve starved!” added Niall, munching on the leftovers of the buffet in question. I roll my eyes, and giggled slightly at his comment.

“I must admit though.” Harry broke in, looking at me. 

“Never thought you’d faint to give me reason about our earlier argument in the van.” He smirked smugly.

“You dick.” I spit out angrily. “It’s not like I willed myself to faint! You didn’t fucking nourish me you asshole!” I spew heatedly. I regret my harsh words as soon as they leave my lips. The entire boys gulp, and Harry’s features harden. I try to make mine just as hard as his, to avoid showing remorse over my sayings.

“Guys, could you head out for a few minutes.... I have to take care of a very sour-mouthed pussy.”

Oh shit. I can’t help thinking. I look at Niall pleadingly, but he turns his back on me, and heads outside of the room with Louis, Liam and Zayn. Maintaining his anger with great difficulty, Harry approached me and I tried backing away from him, finding myself stuck to the couch by the hands.

“Why did you tie me to the couch?” I ask, voice trembling. But Harry ignores my question.

“You know, I really think it would’ve been in your best interest to shut up.” He says in a horrifyingly calm voice. I wanted to run. So bad. But I was attached to a damn sofa. I pulled on my bindings restlessly as his form towered over mine. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t keep my strong face. I begged for forgiveness.

“Harry! No, please! I’m sorry! I’ll behave! Please Harry! Don’t hurt me!” I sob, still fighting with my bindings.

“You should’ve thought of that before insulting me.” He seethed, pinning me on the sofa swiftly.

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