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Pen Your Pride

“Please! No!” I whimper and struggle under him.

Harry ignores me and straddles my hips to immobilize my lower body since my arms were already taken care of because a fucking sofa.

I try lifting my knee up to kick him where the sun don’t shine, but he catches my already sore leg easily and gives me furious look, before unbuttoning my shorts. His eyes weren’t green anymore, they were black with desire.

“Help!” I yell, trying to get the attention of somebody that could be outside the room. “He—” Harry put his palm on my mouth to stifle my cries. I try to bite him, but unexpectedly, my black scarf was thrust in my mouth, and tied behind my head, gagging me.

“Now shut up.” Harry says after tying the knot roughly behind my head. He quickly slides my shorts down my legs and proceedes to unzip my hoodie. He lowers the straps of my tank top, rolling the top down to expose my breasts. He gropes them a couple seconds, pinching and flicking my nipples to harden them. The only thing I could do was watch in horror as my body responded excitedly to his rough manners. His hands go down to my panties, sliding them down my legs as well. I shiver as cold air rushes to my sensitive area. Harry throws the discarded clothes somewhere in the room, before flipping my body around so my bare ass was visible. 

I knew what was going to happen, and I closed my eyes shut and whimpered as one of his hands rubbed my ass while the other held me in place under him. He gives it a firm smack, and I scream in the scarf as hard as I could. The burning sensation hadn’t left when he hit it again. Tears sprung into my eyes as his hand kept slapping harder and harder with every passing blow, shrieks flowing from my mouth as he did so.

“So. Are. You going. To. Insult. Me. Again?” Harry hisses between very strong smacks. I shake my head no, barely able to stay conscious. My rear skin feels raw at his touch as he softens his movements. He stops spanking altogether, and sighs loudly before turning my body back around to face his. 

He takes off the Louis-odoured scarf from my mouth. I open my teary eyes in fear, but Harry leans down carefully and kisses me lightly.

“Don’t make me angry again okay love?”

I nod softly, even though I’m positive I would find a way to anger him again one day because of my stubbornness and my feisty attitude. I made a hiss of pain as the leather couch pressed against my tender bum. Harry’s eyebrow cocked up in concern.

“Here, I’ll make you forget the pain.” He said, before inserting one of his skilful fingers inside me. I moaned loudly, his lone finger hitting my sweet spot already. My breathing got raspy as he went up to four fingers, going faster and harder. My mind was so foggy with pleasure I didn’t acknowledge Harry unzipping himself and positioning himself in between my legs. All I could think about was how good he could make me feel sometimes. 

The pain was numb when he pushed inside and started plunging blissfully in and out of me at a swift rate. Moans were pouring out of me like a waterfall, my climax nearing already.

I wanted to grab him, but the pulling of the rope around my wrists wouldn’t allow it. He was pounding inside me powerfully, beads of sweat forming in his brown locks.

Harry moved one of his hands to my clit, rubbing it in rough circles. 

It was all it took to make me come down from my high. I coated him with juices, and he started going harder to meet his own climax. He groaned low only seconds later, pouring himself inside me. His thrusts were sloppier and then completely gone. He pulled out and kissed my forehead, before dressing me up with my earlier clothes. 

I fought to keep my eyes open, but my mind gave in to slumber before Harry was finished clothing me fully.

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