“One Direction is demanded at gate H. Your jet is waiting.” The lady’s voice on the speaker phone resonated through the airport. Harry smiles cheekily. 

“Now tell me how great I am.” He brags.

“Not so fast Curly.” I say, popping his happy bubble. “Something’s odd”. I look around. Teenage girls are looking everywhere, whispering to each other. A group of them looks at us. Recognition ignites their eyes at One Direction’s signature outfits. They start shrieking madly and run towards us like wild animals.

“Run!” Niall yells, before grabbing me. Right. I remember now; he’s scared of being mobbed. 

The looks on the guy’s faces are priceless as they start running, their shopping bags flying wildly in their hands. Niall pulls me with him as he and the boys take a run for it, following the indications on some boards to head to gate H. 

I’m having the time of my life, giggling like a maniac while they scamper like terrorized prey.

“Stop laughing and hurry a little!” Niall tells me, with a smile forming on his face. I cackle even harder, and slightly speed up the pace to catch up with the rest of the band. My scarf whips in my face while I run. 

The teenage girls keep screeching like crazy, making my head ache lightly with all their stupid demands.

“Harry! Let me touch you!”

“Sign my bra Liam!”

“Kiss me Niall, I’m Irish too!”

“Zayn! I love you Zayn!”

“Louis! I want you to shag me!” Another hollers. At that comment, Louis turns around while running and winks at me. I roll my eyes and chuckle. Security soon comes and helps us, retaining the crazed fans behind them.

We arrive at the door panting. I clutch my stomach in laughter, still finding the whole thing hilarious. 

“We should do that again sometime!” I giggle.

Liam, Harry and Zayn give me an incredulous look but Niall and Louis join the amusement.

“You have to admit that your disguises clearly weren’t the best ones!” I chuckle some more. A throat clears behind us. I turn to face the sound, and my jaw falls on the ground. There stands a gorgeous man in a pilot uniform, with eyes to die for. He’s average sized, but everything about him screams hot. I feel my knees weaken, and I lean on Niall to keep balance. ( i imagine him: http://s1253.photobucket.com/albums/hh592/suchdirectioner/?action=view¤t=248864_150527698352480_124349494303634_314056_7660964_n.jpg) He smiles, exposing two-rows of pearly white teeth. I look away and moan softly in Niall’s neck. The boys reflexively all spin around to look at me, eyes burning with jealousy. They place themselves beside me, and Niall grabs my waist hugging me to him. Oh great, they’re playing possessive, I can’t help thinking.

“Gentlemen, lady.” The man speaks stopping for a second to look at me. “My name is Ian. I’ll be your pilot for today. So if you would please proceed to board the jet, your luggage has already been taken care of. Though you can hand me your bags. I’ll just bring them in the plane and at your full disposition.” He smiles again. Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry shove their bags at him. Poor guy. He does look sweet though. I look at him dreamily as he struggles a little bit with all the bags. “I’m a little short on time, so it’d be great if we could board now.” Ian adds pointing his head in the jets direction. Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis all give him a jealous look, before heading in the directed way. Niall lets go of me while we walk, and Harry takes his place, bringing me much closer to himself.

“Why did you moan?” He whispers in my ear. I try shrugging him off, but his grip gets tighter. “Sophie. Why. Did. You. Moan?” Harry cut his words out. I don’t answer as I mount the stairs that led inside the jet, biting my lip nervously. Harry’s close on my heels. The boys follow behind me, and Ian closes the walk, shutting the door behind him. He puts the bags on the floor, and straightens himself, acting professional.

“It’ll take us a maximum of 5 hours to reach London, so I hope you enjoy the ride.” He ends. I nod and smile at him, even though the guys are sending me death glares. He waves at me, and heads into his cabin. Probably to start the engines.

I shrug at the death glare the boys give me and take my time evaluating the insides of the jet. Private jets are like a living room on a plane, I realise. It’s so beautiful and luxurious and—

My reverie is shattered as Liam pushes me to the middle of the ‘living room’ and makes me sit on the carpet. I whimper as the butt-plug gets pushed deeper inside me.

“We want to know, why you moaned at the sight of Ian.” Liam says, looking at me straight in the eyes.

“Because he’s hot.” I answer. “And I have a butt-plug stuck up my ass, heightening my arousal.” I add cheekily. Their faces turn into grimaces, jealousy written everywhere. 

“Maybe we need to remind you, that you aren’t allowed to have fantasies about any guy, except us.” Liam whispers seething, loud enough for everyone to hear.

“I didn’t say I wanted him to fuck me, I just said he was hot!” I complain.

“Same thing.” Zayn replies.

“I do believe we haven’t finished our earlier game, am I right lads?” Louis puts in, sitting behind me. Oh no.

They all nod, and take their places in a circle around me once more. I make a run for it, but Liam grabs my ankle and pulls me to him. 

“So,” Liam starts.

“I wanna dress her up before we start. It’ll be more fun.” Harry cuts in. He goes to his shopping bags and rummages through a couple of them. He ends up pulling out a very revealing cheerleader outfit. “We’ll start with that.” He says, throwing the costume at my feet.

“Start?” I dare to ask.

“Oh I’ve got many more. For our viewing pleasure. It’s not that pyjamas aren’t hot, but we need a little change once in a while.” He smirks. “And just to let you know that none of the costumes require underwear, so you’ll be handing yours back over to me.”

“Harry, are all your bags filled with costumes?” Louis asks. I was asking myself the same question but didn’t have the guts to ask it.

“That and other sex toys. That Ann Summers boutique was just sooo mouth-watering.” He chuckles. I’m horrified. “Enough. Now, change.” He claps, sitting with the others.

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