Niall took his time undressing me fully, kissing sweetly every revealed spot. He keeps kissing me passionately, and I don’t have the will to stop him. 

I reflexively hook my legs around his hips, locking our bodies together in a tight embrace. I break the kiss to breathe but his mouth attacks my neck, making me moan and groan in approval.

He nips and bites the skin, marking me as his over the previous hickeys. Niall licks the sensitive skin, making me grab his head to bring him even closer.

I feel his hands groping my breasts possessively, and I grind my hips with his to excite him more than he already is. His clothes annoy me a lot very suddenly, since I’m the only one naked. I pull lightly at his shirt and at the rim of his pants. He gets the message quite rapidly, breaking the kiss to undo his belt with shaking fingers.

I resume kissing him, and he groans on lips as my hands go to his lower body, helping him undo his belt and get out of his pants. Once done, Niall threw them across the room with the rest of his clothes. The Irish boy then proceeded to take of his shirt, revealing a toned upper body and abs. I stare in awe, seeing him fully in the light for the first time. He smirks and breaks my frozen state with a languorous kiss.

His clothes taken care of, Niall’s hands head between my thighs, tracing slow, sensual circles, which earns a loud moan from my mouth. His head gets breath-takingly close to my clit, giving it a shy lick with his tongue. I shudder and grab the leather of the couch tightly in my hands. My face still twisted in pleasure, Niall continues tongue-fucking me while his hands rub my clit roughly.

All of a sudden, I can’t help feeling that it isn’t right to enjoy what he’s doing to me and I stop moving and breathing altogether, closing my eyes tightly and hugging my arms to myself. 

Niall clearly felt me tense up because his head lifted up and his body went up against mine, before kissing me. I don’t respond to the kiss and I can almost visualize his confused face in my mind.

“Come on Soph….. I want you to feel this.” He said pleadingly.

“But it is wrong!” I can’t help sobbing.

“Something’s scaring you right?” He asks. I open my eyes and nod. “Gosh your eyes are just so blue when you cry…” he sighed. 

I look away, not wanting to fall for his compliments.

“Sophie…. Love. What’s scaring you?”

“Niall. It hurts! You boys clearly aren’t the ones who receive the pain when it happens! You’re getting all the pleasure! ” I whimper, melting at his worried look.

“What if I promise you it won’t hurt at all?” he proposes in his sexy accent while turning my head to face him, making me fall into his eyes again.

“How can you promise that?” I whimper.

“Do you trust me?” he shot back. I nod my head yes carefully. “Then focus on the pleasure, and only the pleasure, as I do this.” He carefully inserted two fingers inside me. 

The first thing I did was moan. He was right: I didn’t see his fingers coming so I didn’t think about the pain they would do to me. My body rapidly started buzzing with need, and my instincts kicked in, making me buck my hips and groan again. 

“Want more?” His voice dripped with lust and desire. I moan and nod my permission. “Keep your eyes closed.” He advised. I felt him move and curl his digits inside me, but shakily, as if he were doing something else with his other hand. Juices were rapidly dripping down my thighs and onto the couch. I whimpered a little as another finger entered my swollen clit.