"Please! No! I've never asked for this!" I choke out, trying to roll off the bed and away from their probing hands. The room was dark, and I can't see what they were doing, which scares me even more. "Let go of me please!" I sob, squirming uncomfortably from their warms hands on my thighs.

"Niall, kiss her to show her what she's missing." Louis says from my left, while he and Harry held me down flat on the bed. I shut my eyes tightly and tossed my head left and right, not wanting to be kissed. But Niall grabbed my face firmly in his hands and pressed his soft lips against mine. I didn't want to kiss back. I felt his body hovering over mine and his hands slowly releasing their grip on my face as my body relaxed to the kiss. I can't hold it in. I moan against his lips, and kissed him back heatedly. He smiled on my lips, his tongue pushing against my lips to gain entrance, which I grant, lost into the new found lust.

Harry and Louis are chuckling silently on either side of us, letting go of my arms to undress themselves. Instinctively, my hands go in Niall's hair, playing and pulling with little wisps of his bleached hair.

He groans on my lips, grinding his clothed pelvis lightly against my bare one. Brusquely, he breaks the kiss and I open my eyes in surprise.

I faintly see the outline of his body undressing in the darkness of the bedroom. I don't have the time to protest as another mouth latches on mine, the owner's hands flicking occasionally my pebbled nipples. I whimper slightly.

"Stop... Please." I cry out, breaking the kiss and trying to push against a very naked and quite chiseled torso.

"So, you're telling us you don't like that?" Says Harry's voice from lower down the bed. His hands trace lazy circles on the insides of my thighs, making me wet with need.

"Yes..." I complain.

"You're lying babe. You're wet as hell." Harry responds before thrusting two fingers inside me.

I want to scream, but Louis's mouth silences me hastily. I dig my nails in his shoulders hard as Harry kept thrusting his fingers in and out of me with a faster, harder pace, adding another one after a couple seconds only.

Silent tears are flowing down my face, and Louis kisses them away. Niall is close by; whispering sweet things in my ear as Harry's rough movements slowly become pleasurable.

 The Irish boy starts kissing my neck, nipping and sucking at some places. Louis begins doing the same, leaving wet kisses everywhere he can. I find myself moaning at all the attention I was getting.

 Inevitably, something's building inside of me. Like a strong wave. I am on the edge of climaxing hard, but I just can't reach it. I'm sexually confused as it started fading away. My body‘s lusting for more, and it can't get enough as Harry's fingers go slower.

"Harry..." I whimper, trying to thrust my hips upwards to show him I wanted more.

"Hmmm?" He says, his hot breath tickling me. He knows what I want. He just wants me to say it him, to prove to me that he was right about what I wanted.

I want to hit him.

 "What do you want Soph? I thought you wanted us to stop...." He says cockily. I whine in protest, moaning low when Niall starts sucking my sweet spot.

"More..." I mumble quietly. His fingers stop moving inside me.

"I want you to say it Sophie. Say you want us. Tell me you want us to pound you to oblivion." He purrs, curling his fingers slightly inside me. My eyes had adjusted to the low lighting of the room and I could see his smirking face clearly.

My head screams no, but my body begs for it. I bite my lower lip, slightly tasting the coppery blood. I shake my head no, but the words come out of my mouth without my permission.