Chapter 39: Welcome to Miami... pt. 1

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Guys I have great news! If you love the I'm Only His (Book 1), it was chosen to be on the Lure: Interactive Chat Stories App. If you do not know or ever heard of Lure, it is an interactive chat story app. Meaning you get to choose the next scene/part of the story. The I'm Only His story will change throughout the Episodes which makes it fun for you all to read. If you are interested and would like to support me and the story, head on over. No pressure of course! I am excited about this opportunity specially to change the story to make it more interesting for you all. No worries, it will still have the message that abuse in relationships is NOT okay in any form. This story is very personal to me no matter what.

02/10/2020 - 05/21/2020

Hello everyone. It has been a long time and I was able to finally finish this update. Due to everything that has been going around the world, life has been somewhat at a standstill.

Really hope you are all doing well. My family and I except my father-in-law who has been in and out of the hospital since last Summer. Have had friends who lost loved ones due to the Virus and other issues. Kids are being homeschooled. My daughter had her Senior year cut short like all other Seniors. Husband home working nonstop and me trying to keep everything together. Adulting as it's called.

Anyways, hope you all like the update and I hope to start the next one soon. Some may know that I am Rewriting the I'm Only His series, at least the first book which is called Being Only His so stay tuned...

Thank you for Reading, Voting and Commenting. Stay safe and healthy. Bye!

Donovan's P.O.V.

It feels like a lifetime ago that I have been back here in Miami. Torn between missing it and wishing I was back in Boston where I have been for months. So different yet so alike in some ways. One thing's for sure, I have missed the Florida weather. I was getting depressed with the cold up north since I am not used to it. But the isolation a welcoming to what was my life. Like the eighty's comedy sitcom Cheers, where everybody knows your name... Funny, since it was based in Boston.

I admit that when I was back home, I wished I could be somewhere else. Where I was not known as Kane's younger brother. The bastard son and the constant reminder of one horrible, despicable day. The day I was conceived. I try not to let it consume me when I think about the way I was conceived but...

I still remember when I found out. I was around five or six years old when I heard the word bastard. My so-called father was screaming at my mom and kept repeating the word. Curious as a kid that age would be, I asked my mom what it meant.

He had left the house, which I was happy about since he scared me when he was around. Mama was facing the kitchen window and her shoulders were going up and down. They did that a lot. Walking in quietly, I called for her. "Mama? Are you okay?" not wanting to scare her because he scared her all of the time. Mama turned, a smile on her face which I knew was not a real one like she always gave me. "Donny boy. Your mama is fine. How long have you been standing there?" Shrugging my shoulders, I glanced over to the kitchen door then back at her. "He is gone for now." walking to me with arms open wide. Lifting me up in her arms, she walked to the kitchen table and sat me on top of it. Bobbing my head, I raised my small hands to cup her red stained face. "Why does he make you cry mama? Was it something I did?"

Even now I remember asking her that question a lot. Was it my fault that my father treated her like shit, especially when I was around? Was it something I did that caused him to look at me the way he did? With anger and hate and even resentment. I was young, but I knew he did not like me and when he drank, he let his feelings for me known, his second son.

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