Eternal Lovers: Chapter 1

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(AN: New readers, Welcome! Before reading just thought I should mention that this story will be a bit of a slow burn, but the guy will definitely be yandere later! Also out of all the arcs so far, I would say the first arc has the slowest beginning (picks up halfway through) as it is introducing the characters and other elements, if you can get through it and love yandere's, I think you will be very entertained by this story (ˆ◡ˆ ))

"Hey, get up right away! If you don't I will beat you with a rod!!! Today you are to meet your future husband, you ungrateful slob!" Slowly the villain opened her dark powerful eyes as she was roughly slapped awake. The angry older woman became frozen once her gaze fell onto the child's dark dead, eyes that held a powerful intent behind them. However she quickly snapped back into her regular self as she again slapped the young girl with seemingly defiant eyes. "How dare you look at your Mother that way, I ought to whip you just for that ungrateful look, lucky for you I am a gentle woman and will instead let you off with a warning today. Now quickly take a bath and get dressed, you filthy child!" quickly the woman left leaving the young girl all alone in the small, shabby room.

"System, send me the info on this world." The Villain telepathically requested, her face emotionless as her eyes held no life in them.

"Yes, Host."

"This world is an ancient one called "Eternal Lovers."

"In this world the protagonist is a young girl named Huā Měilì who grew up under the influence of her strong father the general, because his favorite wife died when his daughter was born he spoiled Huā Měilì while also teaching her the way of the sword and letting her grow up to be like him, defiant and reluctant to follow the social norm. 

Due to this, the world's ML (male lead) Ling Shun quickly became infatuated with her, falling deeply in love. That is where your role comes in, you are Song Shai, the ML's fiancé. 

Before the world's ML met the world's FL (female lead) he was quite the player, fooling around with many women, he was kind and smiled, many women fell for him including Song Shai, the Villain. 

Although Song Shai was the daughter of a duke, her mother was only a secondary wife, leading to many scorning her existence, as though she were a stain on the family. 

Her father never cared for her and although Song Shai's birth allowed for her mother who used to be a maid to instead become a second wife, her mother was not happy and hated Song Shai for not being born a boy. 

Due to this Song Shai was not treated like your typical duke's daughter, instead she was often bullied by her half siblings, abused by her mother, ignored by her father, and neglected by the maids. 

Slowly Song Shai's heart darkened as she led a lonely and dark existence, it was only after she met the ML, her fiancé, that her world became bright. 

Due to the ML's flirty nature, upon meeting his future fiancé he smiled brightly at her, seeing his smile Song Shai tripped as she had only ever been smiled at in a taunting manner. Seeing a gentle smile startled her making her lose her balance, the ML being a gentleman quickly cached her, whispering how cute she was right into her ear. 

This further led to Song Shai becoming flustered, as the final blow he presented her with a gift of flowers and a small kiss on the cheek. This all enchanted the future villain. 

Although all those actions were meaningless to the ML, towards Song Shai they became priceless memories since she had never been treated kindly before. 

Later on when she saw the FL getting along so well with her fiance she became depressed and bitter, slowly Song Shai turned those emotions into hatred towards Huā Měilì the female lead, resulting in the male lead Ling Shun to become furious with Song Shai. 

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