Chapter 4

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Lilly's POV

My body felt heavy, my eyelids feeling like they had weights on them. After struggling with my body for a few good minutes, trying to open my eyes or move, I take in all I can about my surroundings. I feel a heavy weight on my hand and stomach, pushing on the bruises there. The strong scent of chemicals fill my nose and I distantly feel that I am on a bed that isn't my ratty old mattress.

Finally gaining enough strength to open my eyes, I immediately look to see what the weight was. I see a man with dark hair, almost black, laying on top of my stomach. His hand is wrapped within mine, and his beautiful pink lips are slightly parted, breathing evenly. After looking over the sculpted man, I quickly try to get away from him. I haven't had almost any human contact and people hurt you! Why would I feel safe with this man? It was like my body was urging me to relax and just enjoy his company, but my mind was too smart for that.

As soon as I start to struggle out of his hold, he opens his eyes. They lock with mine, and my struggling slows down. His beautiful eyes captured mine, the distracting specks have all my attention. Meeting his eyes makes me feel like I was missing something all along, now I feel less empty.

Quickly realizing where I am, in an unknown bed with a stranger, I got back to thrashing. The man looks worried, and he proves my thoughts correct when he says, "Calm down, little one. No one will hurt you."

Being skeptical, I continue my attempt at escape, the man still having a hold of my hand. Tingles erupt from the area, but I give little thought to them. My breathing gets heavier with every passing minute and I can't seem to breathe. His eyes glaze over, and within seconds a woman with blonde hair comes rushing in through the door.

After assessing the situation, the lady says, "She's having a panic attack, Alpha. It will get harder for her to breathe if you don't calm her down."

The man who I assume is named Alpha looks me in the eyes and places my hand on his heart.

"Feel the rising of my chest? Just breathe with me, little mate," he urges, desperation in his eyes.

My chest feels like it is about to explode, it's hard to focus on anything but I finally feel the warmth coming from his skin, and the subtle rising and falling of his chest. I try to breathe to the same beat as him, taking deep breaths.

"Good job, little one. I'm so proud of you for breathing with me," Alpha says, searching to meet his eyes with mine. I don't let him though, I keep my eyes down, meeting someone in the eye gets you beat.

"W-who you?" I hesitantly question the scary-looking male.

"My name is Jaxson. And what is your name?"

"L-lilly" I shyly answered.

"Well Lilly, I found you out in the woods all alone and injured. How did that happen?" he asked sternly, which I assumed meant he was mad. Bad things happen when people get mad.

"P-please no hurt me! I d-did no bad!" I quickly rushed to say, scared he would take his anger out on me.

"I will never hurt you, little mate. You mean so much to me, I hope one day you understand that."

"M-mate?" I questioned. What does that mean, I have never heard that word before?

"You smell like a wolf, do you know what a mate is?" he asked with confusion shining brightly in his eyes.

"S-smell like... w-wolf?" Everything this man is saying to me makes little sense.

Realizing the blonde woman is still there, she perks up with a response, "Alpha, the Luna must not know what she is. You need to explain everything to her."

"Thank you Doctor Lindsay, you are dismissed."

Doctor Lindsay leaves and I'm left alone with Jaxson. I feel a nervous feeling settle in my stomach, not knowing of how this man will treat me. Sensing I felt uneasy, he reassured, "I won't hurt you Lilly, I will always protect you."

"P-promise?" I asked, still worried.

"I promise little mate."

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