Chapter 34

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Lilly's POV

After an hour of riding on Jaxson's back, which felt like longer, we finally arrive at the pack hospital. My family and friends are all waiting at the entrance to see me.

I see my parents, Jaxson's parents, Marcus, Cara, Lana, Liam, Jaxson's sibling, Anna and Cole, and Vanessa who is holding Esme.

Lana quickly rushes over to me and picks me up off of Jaxson's back. She hurries us into a hospital room and asks, "What's wrong?"

"I can't feel my l-legs, I think Robert fractured my spine," I sob, wanting my legs to be okay.

Jaxson, who rushed into the room with us, holds my hand tightly, giving me reassurance.

"We need to get an X-Ray stat and then we may need to do surgery," she states, trying to stay calm. Jaxson breathes out a deep breath and looks me in my eyes. All I see is love and determination. I get wheeled into the X-Ray room and get turned over. They quickly take the X-Ray and Lana reads the results.

She breaks the news to us, "You have fractured your spine, we need to do surgery to hopefully reattach your nerve endings so you can walk. I need to bring you into the O.R. now. Jaxson you have to wait in the waiting room with the rest of the friends and family."

Jaxson gives me a reassuring kiss, my hand a tight squeeze, and says, "I love you."

I'm wheeled away as I say, "I love you too."

We get into the operation room and they lay me on my stomach. They make me inhale the anesthesia and then I'm out.

Jaxson's POV

It's been 6 months since Lilly has had the surgery that saved her legs. The surgery was successful and now Lilly has full feeling in her legs. She has to go to physical therapy to get complete movement back, but she can walk with a leg brace.

Lilly is 5 and a half months pregnant and we are expecting a little boy. Werewolves pregnancies only last 6 months so we are expecting Lilly to pop any day now.

Her cravings have been horrible, she's been craving Oreos with pickles. She's also been vomiting in the mornings, but I love her through it all.

"HEY JAXSON!" Lilly yells, trying to get my attention.

"Yes, my love? What do you need?" I say sickeningly sweet, not wanting her to get mad.

"I think my water just broke," she says calmly.

"OH MY GODDESS WE NEED TO GET YOU TO THE DOCTOR," I yell, wondering how she is so calm about this. Her mood swings have been awful, and she's calm when her water breaks. That makes sense.

I bring her to the pack hospital, and Lana is ready for us. I mindlinked her to be ready so she better be ready!

"Jaxson... Im scared," Lilly whimpers when it's time to push.

"Don't worry, little mate, our baby boy will be in our arms soon. We just have to get past this one hurdle," I state as calmly as I can, even though I'm freaking out on the inside. My mate is about to have a baby!

The baby is finally out, and even though he was a little premature, he is a healthy boy.

Aiden Tate Steele.

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