Chapter 6

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Lilly's POV

"A-alpha? Like... you?" I vaguely remember Doctor Lindsay calling Jaxson 'Alpha.'

"Yes, like me. Who were your parents, I might know them?" Jaxson asks, not knowing this would trigger a panic attack. Just the mention of my parents sets me off, all the memories vividly playing on the back of my eyelids. Squeezing my eyes shut as tight as possible, trying to avoid the memories, the beatings, the pain.

The pain. I can feel the pain like it is happening to me right now. A high-pitched scream escapes me, I no longer have control of my body. Being unable to breathe, I gasp for any air I can get. The walls of my mind are closing in on the pain, the pure agony that I have experienced and I can no longer take it. I feel my limbs go numb until my memories are gone and my vision goes black.

Jaxson's POV

As soon as my little mate screams, I call in Doctor Lindsay. I can't bring my mate back from this panic attack, there is nothing I can do. I feel so helpless. This is my fault. I asked the question, I couldn't comfort her. I wrap Lilly up in my arms, wanting her to feel that her mate is there for her. I would do anything for my little mate.

While my mate is in my arms and Doctor Lindsay is about administer a sedative, I feel Lilly go limp. My poor mate passed out from her pain and I feel a stinging pain in my heart. I tell the doctor that the sedative is no longer necessary and she lets me know that Lilly can be discharged. Doctor Lindsay ensures that Lilly should be fine when she wakes up.

Bringing Lilly back to my room in the pack house is no quiet affair. Pack members are scattered around, chilling for the night. They all look at me, full of worries and questions. No one dares to ask what's wrong, they just all have sympathy for their Luna without even realizing it.

My Beta, Marcus and his mate, Cara, follow me to my room. Marcus is worried about the rogue found on our territory and why she is in my arms. Making my way up the stairs of the pack house, I finally reach the Alpha's floor. The floor of the house reserved for the Alpha and their family. Before now, this floor has been lonely, reminding me I have no mate. But now with my gorgeous Lilly, I can finally can start filling up this floor with life.

My parents and my little twin siblings have their own floor below this one. Having them close has kept the loneliness away until recently, when I really felt the pain of having no mate.

Hurrying to my room, I softly lay Lilly under the navy blue covers and tuck her in. Her rich brown hair is splayedover the white pillow, making her look even more angel-like.

I walk out of the room to Marcus and Cara. "Alpha, is she okay?" Marcus quickly asks.

"Yes, she is. The rogue turned out to be my mate. Her name is Lilly, and when she wakes up, she will need a friend. I would like Cara to help her get bathed. She seems to have been mistreated and doesn't know much about life. She speaks broken english and is very fragile. I urge both of you to take care of your Luna."

"Yes, Alpha," they both respond, and with that I dismiss them, leaving me to tend to my mate.

I walk into my bedroom, seeing Lilly still laying on my bed, her breathing even. I make my way into the closet, grabbing some clothes. Next stop is the bathroom, needing to take a shower to calm my nerves of having a mate who is this fragile. Stripping out of my clothes, I get into the hot shower, the steaming water doing wonders for my aching muscles.

I take a quick shower, wanting to get back to my mate as soon as possible. Getting dressed, I make my way back to my room, expecting to see my mate still out cold. But to my surprise, I see my mate no longer on the bed.

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