Chapter 9

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Lilly's POV

I wake up to a heavy arm covering my torso. I slowly flip around so I can look at Jaxson's face. His eyes are closed with his eyelashes fluttering softly over his cheekbones. His plump looking lips are slightly parted, and his hair is sprawled messily over his face. Reaching a hand up to move the hair, he suddenly speaks, scaring me,

"You know it's rude to stare, right?"

"I-it is?" I never knew that... Oops.

"Yes little one, but I forgive you," he smiles, moving closer to me. He has a mischievous grin on his face when suddenly he tickles me!

"Stop! S-stop it t-tickles!" I laugh in a childish voice.

"Okay fine... You win for now... But I will tickle you more later," he states with truthfulness held in his eyes. I giggle, happy that he goofs around with me. I don't know what I would do if I had a super serious mate.

"Heyyyy... C-can you t-tell me 'bout wolf... stuff?" Hey! I said a fairly long sentence! My speech is improving. The last thing he said before I passed out was that my parents were Alphas... I still do not understand what that means.

"Sure, sweetheart. So as I was saying earlier, your parents were Alphas, meaning they were the highest rank in the pack. This means you have Alpha blood, and you will be the next Alpha of their pack."

"B-but, my parents no w-wolves," I state confused. My parents were mean and abusive, surely they didn't rule a pack.

"This may be hard to hear, but I think you may be adopted."


"Yes, the people you think are your parents aren't your real parents. Someone else gave birth to you," he slowly explains, hoping I understand. I sort of understand. The meanies aren't my real parents. That makes me happy because they never treated me right.

"Tell m-more 'bout wolves, p-please."

"They live in packs with three main ranks. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The Beta is in charge of the warriors and patrol, they help the Alpha with their duties and protect the pack. The Gamma has good relations within the pack. They help everyone and tie the pack together. They work closely with the Luna to help bond the pack," he explainsin detail.

"L-luna? D-doctor called me t-that?" I'm confused. This "Luna" person sounds important... It couldn't be me!

"Yes little mate, you are the Luna of this pack. You are my mate, and the Alpha's mate is the Luna. You are very important in keeping our pack running." He explains with pride in his eyes. Is he proud of me?

"W-what do I-I do?"

"Don't worry, I will help you when the time comes to meet the pack, but I want you to meet two people. My Beta, Marcus and his mate, Cara." His eyes glaze over, and I wave my hand in front of his face. He doesn't even look. His eyes refocus, and he sees me looking concerned. "Little one, I was only mind linking them to come. It's where we talk to each other with our minds."

"Can I d-do that t-too?" I question, realizing that yesterday he said I smelled like a wolf. I don't feel like a wolf?

"Once you shift, you will be able to. You were supposed to shift at 13, but because of how malnourished you were, you couldn't shift. When you put on more weight, you will shift into your wolf," he explains. So, it's my 'parents' fault that I didn't shift... That sucks.

Hearing a knock at the door, Jaxson says "Come in!" Two people walk in, a male with light brown hair and brown eyes, and a girl with blonde hair and green eyes. The girl quickly comes to me and squeals. I try to hide behind Jaxson on the bed, not liking the attention. I'm still a little fearful of things. It's hard to stop being fearful when you have been scaredyour entire life.

"Cara, give her space please," the male I'm guessing is Marcus, urges. Cara slowly takes steps back, but then squeals again!

"I'm sorry, I'm just so excited to finally meet you! You are so adorable!" She says really excitedly. I like her energy. It could be good for me to make friends with someone like her.

I come out from behind Jaxson and look up at her with curious eyes. Her light colored hair is straight and flowing down her back. It's beautiful. I wish my hair was like hers. Her green eyes look at me expectantly, so I just wave shyly.

"Aww! Oh my gosh, you are so cute! I can't wait to talk to you more! Jaxson wants me to get you cleaned so let's get you in the bath!"

"B-bath?" I've never heard of that before.

Jaxson looks at me with sad eyes, "Yes, little one. A bath is where you get cleaned off and wash your hair. I don't think you would be comfortable with me doing it, so I asked Cara here to help you."

Cara helps me walk to the bath. After eating last night, I have a little more strength. Cara starts up the water inside this big looking container. Seeing my confusion, she explains, "This is a bathtub. It's where you sit when you get cleaned."

She tells me to get undressed. Not wanting to do it, I pout. Knowing she wants what's best for me, I do it. I get into the bathtub, the water a perfect temperature. She added bubbles into it, and I had loads of fun popping them!

She cleans my hair and then tells me how to clean my body. Finally finished, she gets me out of the brown water and rinses me off with what she calls a shower.

This is like how I got cleaned at home. My parents would just throw a bucket of water on me once a week.

I get out and she brushes my hair with this weird stick with spikes. I get dressed in something called a bra and panties. I had to get help to put on the bra. They are so confusing!

I also put on one of Jaxson's black t-shirts and some of Cara's running shorts.

I look into the mirror and see my brown hair running down my back in waves. My skin looks more full of life after getting cleaned.

I brush my teeth, proud that I know how. I'm a big girl now, I can do things myself! Giggling and my proud expression, she brings me out to finally see Jaxson again! I walk out of the bathroom to see Jaxson and Marcus talking while sitting on the bed. Jaxson looks up, and his jaw drops.

I blush, slightly embarrassed that he is looking at me that way. "Lilly, you look beautiful." Now I'm blushing even more.

"T-thanks, Jaxson," I say, testing out his name on my lips. He shivers and looks at me with adoration shining in his eyes.

"Okay... We'll be leaving... But I had a fun time with you Lilly, I hope to hang out again soon!" Cara says while dragging Marcus out of the room. Marcus quickly waves with a smile on his face, before getting pushed out of the room. I giggle, liking them already.

I'm left alone with Jaxson. He is still staring at me in amazement; I guess he enjoys seeing me clean.

"Y-you know... Staring is r-rude," I say smirking, knowing I got him back for this morning.

He blushes and tries to hide it. Another point for me! I love to make him blush.

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