Chapter 7

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Lilly's POV

I wake up and groan, my head hurts. My body feels heavy and weak. Noticing I'm not in the hospital room, I look and see I'm laying on a soft bed with a dark color bedspread. I don't know what color it is, but it's pretty! The front wall has a dresser and a large rectangle object that sits atop, and also the door that looks like an exit. I see two other doors to my left, which I'm guessing is the closet and bathroom. On my right, there is a padded seat inside the window area! You can see the alluring forest and the bright stars all from that seat.

Wanting to get up to look out the window more, I stand, only to crumble unceremoniously to the ground. I couldn't even get a step in before I fell. Hitting my knee and head on the ground, I start bawling. It hurts! I should have never gotten out of bed. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I don't even know if I'm allowed to look out the window. Stupid!

Looking to my left, I see Jaxson walk out of what I assume to be the bathroom. His dark hair is soaking wet, hanging messily over his gorgeous face.

Did I just say his face was gorgeous?

Not seeing me on the bed, he becomes frantic looking for me. Quickly he finds me on the ground sobbing. His green eyes look at me concerned when he asks, "Lilly, what's wrong?"

Barely being able to breathe from crying so much, I spit out, "I-I... fell. It h-hurts!"

"Aww baby, it's okay. It's just a scrape, let's get you all cleaned up."

He walks closer before kneeling beside me. He questions, "Is it okay for me to pick you up?" Guessing he didn't want to scare me, I nod because I'm feeling safer with him. I may be overly trusting, but he seems like someone I can be safe with.

Picking me up, he gently sits me on the bed. Entering the bathroom, he comes back out with a white box. There is another color on it, but I don't know it. This is still very frustrating.

He opens the box and takes out a bottle with some liquid in it. I'm thirsty, maybe I can have some! Making grabby hands for it, he looks at me funny before handing it to me. Quickly unscrewing the lid so I can drink faster, I bring the liquid to my lips. Realizing what I was trying to do, he rapidly takes the bottle from my hands. I pout, sad that I don't get water.

"Lilly, this isn't to drink, it's to clean your wounds," he explains. Ohhhhh. Well, I'm still thirsty.

"I t-thirsty!" I exclaim, making grabby hands again for the bottle.

Laughing lightly, Jaxson puts the liquid on a towel and warns, "This may hurt! Just sit still and it'll be over quickly. Then we can get you some water!"

He dabs at the scrape on my knee with the wet towel, and I try not to cry even more. It stings so bad! He then moves to clean my head. Shutting my eyes tightly, I pretend I'm anywhere but here.

"All done! I just need to put a bandaid on your knee, then you are good to go!" He says. Excited that I can get water, I lightly bounce up and down. Laughing at my antics, he puts what he calls a band aid on my knee and then grabs my hand to bring me to get water.

As soon as I stand, I can barely hold myself up. Jaxson realizing this, he quickly picks me up bridal style. I squeal, not expecting it. I look around at everything as we walk through the hall. We reach stairs and go down them for what seems like forever.

We arrive at the kitchen and there are two kids there, a girl and a boy. Looking to be about 6, they both have dark hair and green eyes. They look similar to Jaxson!

"They... l-like you? S-same eyes."

"Yes, they're like me. They are my younger siblings," Jaxson explains. Being confused by the words I ask,


"Yes, we have the same parents. We are related." Ohhhh. That makes sense. I have a feeling I will need a lot of explanations from now on.

"Hi Luna!" The little boy yelled. Not expecting yelling, I cower away further into Jaxson's chest. Yelling scares me because it always comes before the beating.

"Please don't yell, Cole, she's fragile," Jaxson says softlyto the boy.

"Sorry, hi Luna," Cole whispers. He is so cute! The other girl is bouncing in her seat, waiting to say something too.

"You are so pretty! Can I do your hair sometime?" The little girl asks excitedly.

"D-do my... hair?" I question, not understanding what that means.

"Oh yes! I can do a pretty braid, a ponytail, and even bun!" She rambles.

"Okay Anna, enough. Let's get little Lilly here a glass of water," Jaxson changes the subject.

He sets me down on a stool by a table that's in the middle of the kitchen. He grabs a cup and fills it up, handing it to me when it's done. I haven't had water in days, Mom and Dad didn't think I was good enough for water or food.

I wait for permission to drink my water, not wanting to get hit. I may trust Jaxson, but I'm still scared.

I don't think that will ever change. 

Hi!! This is my first author's note. This is the longest chapter yet! I've been writing a lot because I'm so excited about this story, I hope you guys are too. Sorry if Lilly is warming up to Jaxson too fast, but she is overly trusting. She is still scared of him and still has no idea what anything means! And because of how little exposure she has had to the outside world, she will act a bit childish. She hasn't fully grown up yet, even though she is 17.
Hope you guys enjoy the book!!

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