Chapter 24

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Lilly's POV

That is the question I have been dreading. I know that I need to tell him so they know what they're capable of, but I don't want to relive the memories.

"D-do I have to t-tell you?" I ask, trying to find a way out of reliving everything.

"No, but I want to help you. Hopefully this helps you realize that they are gone, and will never hurt you again," Jaxson says with sad eyes.

"They h-hurt me. A lot," I say bluntly, tears already coming.

"What did they do, sweetheart? Im here for you," he reassures, love in his eyes.

"T-they would b-beat me for any s-small thing. If the f-food wasn't right, if I-I stuttered, if I ta-talked without p-permission. Anything, and th-they would attack m-me."

I glance up from the bed that I'm sitting on and look at Jaxson. He has tears in his eyes but he's trying to not let them drop, trying to be strong for me.

I continue, "When he w-was really m-mad, he would take a b-baseball bat and hit m-me until something b-broke. Also, b-before I c-could get a b-bucket thrown on m-me to clean me, they b-both would take t-turns d-drowning me in the w-water." I have to choke back a sob.

Jaxson grabs my hand and starts rubbing his thumb over it soothingly. I look into his eyes and all I see is patience. I take a deep breath, and start again.

"They w-would chain me in the b-basement so I c-couldn't leave. I had to use the b-bathroom in my own f-filth. When th-they were im-impatient, they would s-smash beer bottles on m-my head, and c-cut me with the glass. When my m-mother was mad, she would d-drag me by my hair, until ch-chunks were r-ripped out." I stop there, not wanting to go any further. Tears streams down my cheeks, remembering everything they've done to me.

With sadness shown on his face, Jaxson pulls me into a hug and whispers into my ear, "I'm so sorry you had to go through that, I will never let them touch you again."

Believing his words, I hug him back, finding comfort in his warmth. It's amazing how just his touch makes me feel so safe.

I cry into his shoulder, him never letting go of me. He rubs my back and whispers comforting words into my ear.

When he pulls back, he says, "I'm so proud of you. You were able to make it through all that, when most people wouldn't have. I'm so glad I found you before they could harm you any further. What exactly happened the day I found you?"

I explain how I tripped on a stick and the beer bottle crashed and cut me. I ran into the woods, scared what my parents were going to do.

He pulls me into another hug and rocks me back and forth. The action being the same one as what calmed me back in the woods when I was all alone. The familiarity of it soothes me and I'm able to stop crying. I would always rock myself black and forth to try to comfort myself, but now, I have someone to comfort me. I am so grateful.

Traitors POV

This was too easy. Getting them past patrols was an easy feat. Alpha Jaxson practically just handed me the information. No one suspects me and I've been around poor little Lilly a lot.

I have no malice towards Lilly, I'm just trying to protect someone from the worst possible fate. They had always been there for me so now it's my turn to return the favor.

I get back to my job, doing what I do best. I have a feeling that Lilly is going to need my services really soon.

Sorry this was so short but now you know what Lilly has been through! And a surprise POV from the traitor. It gave little information but I would love to hear your guesses as to who the traitor is! I would also like to thank you guys for 10k reads! It blows my mind! I'm so thankful for you all!

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