Chapter 23

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Lillys POV

I wake up in the morning wanting to do something. I'm freshly marked and ready to show it off. It's Saturday so no school today, I want to go to the mall! I look over to Jaxson who is just staring at me. I didn't know he was awake.

"Good morning, Beautiful," he says softly.

"Good m-morning, Jaxson! I want to go to m-mall to-today with t-the girls. I-if that's okay..." I stutter off, wanting his approval to go.

"Yes that's okay, I trust Cara and Lana to take care of you, they are heavily trained. Let's get you bathed and then you can go."

I brush my teeth while Jaxson helps me get the bathtub ready. He then leaves before I strip. I still don't know why.

I quickly wash my hair and body, wanting to go to the mall as soon as possible! I step out of the bathtub after rinsing off, and put on the clothes Jaxson laid out for me.

Stepping out of the bathroom, I see Jaxson on the phone with someone. When I walk in, he hangs up and looks me up and down.

Wow, she looks gorgeous. I hear his thoughts! I'm so glad he marked me.

"Thank y-you! You l-look gorgeous, t-too!" I smirk, his face turning into shock then amusement.

"I guess I forgot to block off my thoughts, sorry. But thank you! I know, I am pretty gorgeous," he says cockily, looking down at me with laughter in his eyes.

He suddenly gets serious and sits me down. "I don't know if you will be okay with this, but in a week we have to go to another pack to help them with rogue problems. They insisted that I bring my mate. They are the Royal Moon Pack. The Alphas have been blessed by the Moon Goddess so they are really powerful. Is it okay that we go meet with them on their lands?"

I think it over, what is the harm in going there? I'd be further from my new home but as long as I'm with Jaxson, I'm okay.

"It's o-okay. I would love t-to meet them," I state, kind of excited to meet powerful werewolves.

"That's great! Let me take my shower then I will show you to the girls. I mindlinked them and they said they would love to go to the mall. They are also bringing Nathan's sister, Esme," he informs.

"The m-more the better!" I exclaim, excited to make a new friend.

Jaxson quickly showers and then carries me down the stairs into the pack hangout room. I see Cara and Lana with a girl about my age. The girl has medium length brown hair and striking gray eyes. My guess is this is Esme. Her and Nathan have the same gray eyes and brown hair.

"Hi, E-Esme, it's nice t-to meet you!" I say loudly, just so happy to meet her that I forget my inside voice.

"Hi Luna, it's nice to meet you too," she says shyly.

"Please call m-me Lilly, Esme! And I love y-your name!" Her name is so pretty! She looks like an Esme.

"Thank you, Lilly! I love your hair! It's so long!" She says, coming out of her shell a little bit more. I blush and say a quiet thank you.

Soon we are off to the mall. Because Cara, Lana, and Esme are all trained, Jaxson could stay home catch up on work he has to do. Surely nothing could go bad!

We walk into the mall and Cara insists on going straight to the food court. We pick up breakfast at a place called Auntie Anne's and I get a yummy cinnamon sugar pretzel! It tastes so good!

Esme seems really nervous and skittish around people. She keeps close to us. I noticed her shoe was untied so I let her know. She blushes and says a quick thank you and stops to tie it.

I'm looking at the way she ties it because I don't know how to tie mine. I have to ask Jaxson later. All of a sudden I hear Esme gasp.

I look up to see we are surrounded by my adoptive parents and some of their friends. My dad reaches for Esme quickly and holds a sharp knife to her neck. I gasp as tears start rolling down my face. They've come back for me and are now hurting my friend!

"Don't h-hurt her! T-take me instead!" I plead, not wanting anyone to get hurt because of me.

My dad is the one who responds. "No can do, little lady. I've come with a message that you need to relay."

I feel Cara and Lana come up behind me, guarding my back incase someone attacks.

"Tell Jaxson to say hi to the Royal Moon Pack for me! I miss the Alphas, they were so much fun to steal from. Let him know that in the near future, I am coming for both of your packs." Both of my packs? I only belong to one, Jaxson's. And say hi to the Alphas? How does he know that we are seeing them next week?

"That's all I'm going to say, but I want to leave you with a little present." As he says this I lock eyes with Esme. She isn't crying, while I'm bawling. Esme has determination in her eyes.

My dad goes to slit her throat, but as he does this, she stomps heavily on his foot which makes him miss his target. She turns around ready to attack with Cara and Lana but my dad quickly stabs her in the stomach.

I scream out a loud, "No!" before I drop to the ground and start crying even more. My mom and dad leave, my mom sending me a smirk.

I distantly see Lana rush over to Esme's body that's lying on the ground in a pool of blood. I can't focus on anything. I feel Cara put her hand on my back and rub soothingly but all I need right now is Jaxson.

As if he can read my mind, oh wait he can, Jaxson appears with warriors, trackers, and Doctor Lindsay.

Jaxson rushes over to me and checks me for injuries. Not seeing any, he quickly pulls me into a tight embrace. I see the trackers go and try to follow my parents' scent. Warriors are all around, protecting us from the crowd that has been attracted.

I see Nathan crying, sitting beside Esme. Lana and Doctor Lindsay, with the help of Nathan and Liam, lift Esme and I see them leave the mall quickly.

I cry into Jaxson's shoulder as he rubs my back and whispers soothing words into my ear. Cara left with her mate, Marcus, seemingly shaken.

Jaxson picks me up and takes me out of the mall. They needed to use the car for Esme so Jaxson and I head to the forest. Not feeling like shifting, Jaxson offers to let me ride on his back.

He shifts and lowers himself to the ground so I can climb onto his huge back. I climb on and hold on tight. He sprints off towards the pack house. I enjoy the cool wind that comes from racing through the trees. We arrive within minutes and Jaxson shifts, then carries me up to our room.

He sits me on the bed, still sobbing. He puts on a pair of shorts, then comes and sits with me. We stare at each other for a few minutes, until he finally asks, "What happened? I need to know."

I explain everything that happened. Them showing up, how my dad sent a message for me to tell him. He growls at the message, mad that my dad is targeting two packs. His eyes show that he has questions, but questions for the Alphas of the Royal Moon Pack.

I tell him how Esme fought back but lost. He reassures me that it's not my fault that Esme is hurt.

"Don't worry little mate, we will get him one day soon, with the help of the Royal Moon Pack. But may I ask you a question?" He asks curiously.

"S-sure..." I say, unsure of what he is going to ask.

"What did they do to you growing up?"

Two chapters today! The other day I uploaded five so this is a little less lmao! Sometimes i get into the writing mood and just write a bunch! Let me know who you think the traitor is!! I love to see your guesses and ideas about the story.

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