Episode IV: Dire Straits, Pt.1

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The result of her brash impulse surrounded her in a dungeon, her battered body a prize to the dark hunter. The stone pillars and mounted torch lights swayed in a haze in her slit eyes, and the pain throbbing in her head kept her huddled body on the cold floor. For a moment, her trembling fingers coiled around the chains bolted to the wall cuffing her wrists and ankles as she fought in and out of consciousness. Syreene couldn't budge an inch, and it felt like she was being crushed by the weight of her own weakness.

The young elf felt the cold breath of the room stirring her, goosebumps elevating on her skin. She heard the faint echoing drops slipping away from silence, its elongated call tapping her. Then suddenly, her body sprung from a wet awakening.

"Rise and shine, princess."

She choked, the ice water splashed on her face jerking her up. As Syreene coughed, her legs writhed, eyes peeled open to the last person she saw before her consciousness retired. It was then her dire situation became apparent. The young elf hacked up some pride, sitting there glaring at the cat skull perched on her capturer's face. Quickly she surveyed her underground penitentiary; an infinite chamber with wooden beds in barred rooms, weapon corridors, and cages overhead. And in front of her, twin staircases parallel to what seemed to be a throne. But before she could plot her escape, an arid sting of nausea leaped in the back of her throat, leaving a pungent taste on her tongue. Hesitant, she turned behind her—a trail of red running along the edges of the room she now believed to be a torture hall.

"Honestly, you're just as reckless as your brother. Taking a shot at me like that." She shoved two fingers against Syreene's forehead, towering over her. "So young, so foolish. Next time, brush up on your combat skills before you get in the ring with an elite fighter."

"You tried to kill Cabil!" she snapped, lunging at the assassin, the bolted chains pinning her back.

Her abductor stood cross armed, looking down to her with an arched brow. "Kill? I didn't want to kill Cabil. I was trying to capture him. But, it looks like you will have to do for now." She snickered. "Boy, I'd love to see the look on his face. His dear, beloved sister, gone missing. Such a tragedy, having to find his sister's hashed body parts spread across the city, hanging like ornaments for a parade."

"Screw you!" Syreene barked, fists ready to fly.

The west gate suddenly craned open. Disgusted, Syreene glared down the approaching councilman. The sight of him tousled her stomach; he stood tall, short slick back black hair, garbed in a long militant Versailles coat. His near slant eyes fixed on her as he brushed down his goatee.

"Stop rattling the girl, Zyda."

She shrugged. "Mm, couldn't help myself. Mhal, this is Cabil's sister, Syreene." Zyda introduced as he took to her side. "The little brat decided to spar me up some fun while I was hunting."

He folded his arms behind him, amusement stirring his smug face. "Hmm? Cabil has a sister? How careless of me. To the best of my knowledge, I thought his lineage was eradicated during the outbreak. I didn't do enough rummaging, I suppose." He leaned into her with a vile sinister look, his breath a heat of hard liquor and tin. "Now you've tickled my interest, young lady. Cabil has been a thorn in my side as of late. The vermin needs a good crushing. And what better way to crush his spirit, than by turning his beloved sibling?"

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