Stitched Omens, Pt.3

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—Rain down again!

This hell, I, can't seem to pretend

It takes me in,

Possessed by revelation

My very sanity, stripped before you bleedin'...

Those lyrics to the Nu Metal musik pulsed down the apartment walls; with lights on, windows up, slow cooker popping, Syreene ensconced herself in a lively ambiance. She paced back and forth with a pad strapped around her wrist, head heavy with anxiety. Swiping the device screen, she shuffled rapidly to the application disclosing the horrible reality that was.

"An F?!" She plopped on the beige coffee table rug, her growl blasting through the receiving end of the video call. "I can't believe he flunked me. I'm positive I got an A on that test, an A- at the very least. I mean, if we are considering bizarro probability here."

"I'm sure it was just a mistake. It's too bad he lost your ref sheet though. We could have compared answers."

"There's no need, Emie. I know I passed that test," she groaned. "I can't even remember the last time I got a C, and this, this horrendous letter to tarnish my grade point average!!"

"Calm down, Sy... Hey, uh, is your brother home?"

"This is torture! He said he would look into it, but we all know what that's code for!'"

"Ok, Sy, you're totally overreacting."

"Am I? Am I?! As many times as I look at this dashboard, that stupid grade taunts me all the same." The doorbell chime pulled Syreene away from her dilemma, calling her to the front door. Through the peephole, she noticed him, her stomach knotting up already. Speaking of the devil. She unlocked the door with a sense of urgency, eyes on him astonished.

"Evening, Syreene."

"Ugh, Emie, I'll call you back."

Emie bounced. "Hold on! Is that Aer—" Click.

"Um, Hey! What a surprise!" Syreene responded.

"May I accompany you tonight?"

"Oh, yeah, sure! Please come in." She closed the door behind him, the heat in her apartment suddenly rising.

"Apologies for the intrusion, but I needed to talk to you." He looked around. "Do you live alone?"

"Uh, no. I live with my older brother. He's out." She cleared her throat, turning off the stereo "Oh, do you want anything to drink? I wish I could offer you something to eat, but dinner's still going to be a couple more minutes."

"No, don't trouble yourself." He paced down the living room with her, finally seating himself on the loveseat. "To be frank, my reason for this late-night visitation involves your current exam score. Maybe I can offer you some assistance."

"Oh yeah! I was just talking about that." Syreene scrambled her textbooks, notebook, worksheets, study drills, and piled them all on the coffee table. She spread the clutter, rummaging through notes upon notes of material, stressing her knowledge of the problems similar to the ones tested on. With knees to the floor, pencil on loose leaf, she persuaded him, "I can do this in my sleep. Ask me anything! You can check the answers yourself, Mr. Seiger."

"Hmm..." His eyes roamed the apartment. "So, have you always lived with your brother here in Dyonegar?"

She craned her head, squinting at the question. "Um, no..." she hesitated, drawing herself to the cushion by him. "I, I mean, we actually moved here a couple of years ago. During The Falling, our parents were killed. Well, I should say my foster father was killed, and my foster mother disappeared." She paused, detouring back to her concern. "So, about this grade. Maybe we can arrange a make out, I mean make-up?!" She blundered, and he chuckled.

"You were adopted? Doesn't seem uncommon actually. Most families were dislocated after The Falling. What about your actual parents?"

"My... actual parents?" She was stirred from the question, fighting to compose herself, but she soon plummeted into a twisted daze. The elfin found herself in a submission of suppressed memories triggered by his words. "My mother was... decollated... right on the dinner table. He broke through the front door, then lunged at her. He was going to kill me next, his blade fixed over my head, swung down so quickly that I... couldn't remember how I ended up in my father's arms." Her voice shook. "We ran down for our basement. He chased us; my father stuffed me under the floorboard, and all I could remember then was this cloud of steam, the sound of his footsteps getting louder and louder. I knew I shouldn't have looked, but I did. They were both murdered right before my eyes..." She trembled. "Why am I crying?" The realization of her weak composure amid his presence alarmed her. And then it shattered, seized by a clambering chill from his ballsy gesture. He strummed his fingers up her thigh and leaned into her, her face breaking out in a flush.

"Perhaps you sense a range of comfort with me, enough to be honest with your emotions."

"I don't know. I've never had this much trouble talking about my past before, then again, I've never really been able to recall the events of that night this vividly. Until now, I couldn't remember how my mother died. I just kept convincing myself that she was killed." She tensed, unaware of his stroking further up her leg. "And... his face... I can almost—"

"—See it?"

She grew nauseous, the terrors of that hellish night snapping her eyes shut. Immersed, she didn't notice him luring her in, his hand cupping her jaw. "Poor thing, you must have blurred it out of memory. That image, too violent for a frail child to bear." She winced, his breath a stabbing pain down her back. Her swollen eyes fell on his carnal gaze, his lips hanging over hers. "I want you to remember. I want you to remember everything I—"

"—Sy, you left the door unlocked?!" He walked in, fingers scratching at his head. Syreene jumped, safety and security restored in her brother's voice. But before she could utter a word, his stinging glare found Seiger. He tossed his duffle bag aside and addressed him, "What the hell is this?" His tone sliced the air so viciously she couldn't respond, and Seiger sat there relaxed, with a coy smile, cross legged.

She sprung on her feet. "Cabil, this is my math instructor, Mr. Seiger."

Cabil's dead response forced Seiger up. "It's best I should get going."

The fighter crossed his arms, head atilt with a whimsical grin on his face. "No shit. Tell me, why the fuck would a teacher be in a student's home at this hour?"

"Cabil!" Syreene chimed. The two were dangerously close, and knowing Cabil's temper,

"Oh, of course. Cabil... Cabil Hargann. Now that name sounds familiar. Weren't you the one who single handedly torched Kerviss?"

Cabil grabbed him by the collar, slamming him into the wall. "If I ever see you in my house again, I'll burn you where you stand. I don't give a rat's ass who you are. Got that?"

"Very well. Thank you for making that perfectly clear." Cabil dropped him, and Seiger turned to Syreene, his lack of words troubling her as he left. She clenched her fist, advancing towards her brother.

"What the hell, Cabil?! Why did you have to attack him like that? He's my teacher! I have to see that man every day!"

"I don't give a shit. Now go get some sleep. You have school tomorrow."

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