Episode VIII: Titles and Waves, Pt.3

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AN: (Sorry it's a bit longer than most but it's mostly dialogue; I promise it reads fast ^^)

The pyromancer felt an urgency to rendezvous in Central Garden. The location was a mere seven minute flight from Anagi, which gave Cabil some time to clear his mind of sin and self-betrayal. Once he landed amid groove, he searched for his summoner with silence as his sidearm. The hypocrisy in all of this was wicked enough, and the last thing he wanted was a witness, being sure not to bring forth clatter. Suddenly, he heard ruffling from afar: snapped twigs and crushed leaves within the tucks of darkness. The unlit park past curfew left Cabil chasing noises, but then he spotted the shadow walker.

"You've never asked to meet up before. Are you here to show me some progress?"

"Quite the contrary, Cabil. I was actually beginning to question your ability to produce results." He replied in a raspy, gnarly grunt of a voice. Cabil watched as he lingered beyond the rows of trees, keeping his person hidden as they both paced forward in parallel.

"I met with her recently. I need to gain her trust first. We don't want to raise suspicion, weren't those your exact words?"

"And how far does this trust in you reach? I don't think you fully understand the repercussions in breaching this contract, pyro. If you don't bring her to me as agreed upon, there are more factors in stake for you than I. Must I remind you, you have an image to uphold. What do you think will happen to the moral of your people when they discover the truth behind the veil?"

"I don't need you to remind me of that; I know what I'm getting myself into. I will bring her to you as promised. But you better keep your end of the deal. You haven't given me any assurance. For all I know, you could just be fucking me around."

"Cabil, Cabil! You insult me. I am a man of my word. I keep to them in all integrity. And as a show of faith, here." He tossed a rolled up parliament to his feet, and Cabil unraveled it with haste. "Next time when I call upon you, you best be present with her, or I'll take to the streets with your payment. No more excuses, pyro." His shadow faded further into the garden, Cabil looking back at the parliament before folding it up and making his way out as well.

The fire warrior walked his way back to his apartment. The long journey throughout the early hours of morning kept him away from his bed, and without sleep. Although he was accustomed to nights without rest, Cabil felt a need to repose, but insisted on staying up. An ominous feeling had continued with him from Central Garden, a feeling he couldn't shake off even after washing up, and drinking his morning coffee.

As he watched the sunrise from the balcony, he leaned into the railing deep in thought. Through the rising fumes of his kesh, he looked beyond the rose-orange autumn skies and envisioned a life where they had survived. How his world would have shifted for the better. Who knows, maybe she would have taught him a few of her talents, turned him into an air elementalist as well. On second thought, knowing her erratic unorthodox teaching methods, father probably wouldn't have approved. Cabil smirked, recollecting his first nightmarish flight lesson with his dauntless irrational mother, before a click from the front door turned Cabil's person out of the balcony.


She closed the door behind her holding a brown bag of groceries to her chest. He arched a brow, approaching her with a strong gait.

"Cabil? When did you get back?"

"I thought I told you to stay in the apartment on the weekends? There's no reason you should be heading out outside of a school day."

"I was just getting us some groceries."

"And I told you, I'd handle that." He snatched the bag from her, and dropped it on the kitchen counter.

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