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Hey guys!

Thanks for paying my story a visit! Before you indulge yourselves, I wanted to point out that my writing style might not be what you're accustomed to: every part under the same chapter title are like scenes to one episode (much like an anime, or at least that's how I pictured it as I wrote it ^^). On occasions I will have a long scene and break it into parts; so if you see a Pt.(X)-2, -3, etc then it's part of the same scene, I just broke it down into parts because it's lengthy.

The reasons for the scenes? POV shifts mostly, cause I don't like  sticking to one character throughout the chapter (for me, it's limiting). I may also shift scenes as a setting transition (cause I get lazy xp) Unlimited POV, in my opinion, helps the reader see other characters outside of the MC, and that's pretty important.

I hope that clarifies things before you get started!

Another thing I want to point out is I use images in some chapters to fixate readers into the mood of the chapter. None of these images are mine, unless I stated in the footer/header that I drew it. I want to give credit again to artist Largo for the beautiful temp cover page, and to thank everyone who stopped by to read my work.

Happy Reading!

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