Hey Guys! You've Made It!

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I hope you enjoyed reading the first book of a five (or six) part series. Dessa has been something I've planned on writing for a couple years now, and since I have somewhat found my writing voice, I figured it was time to put pen to paper. It has been a journey, and I plan on writing until I self-publish all these books ^^ There are two more chapters left for this novel, but for promoting reasons, I left them out. I will be uploading the second book in due time (also leaving out the last two chapters).

Originally I wanted Dessa to be a comic, but due to me going back to school for my master's, my pregnancy, and work I really didn't have the time to draw. It's very tedious, but I found a compromise in my second passion, writing. I truly do appreciate all the support I received, and do hope you stay for future sequels. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it, with all the different character personalities and all, haha

Happy reading!



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