Love Made Music 1: The Start

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The club was loud. Music vibrated off the walls and echoed like it was meant to be. Sweat poured off our faces and hit the stage below us, pooling together to become one large mass. It did just as our music did; it became one.

When the song ended, people cheered. "Encore!" they frantically yelled up to us. But we couldn't comply. We had no more songs left to sing. Our throats were soar and our fingers bled. It was a great show. Hell, it was our best.

We left the stage, bowing and screaming apologies back to the crowd. "No more!" we mouthed back to them. It was time to go.

Adrenaline still coursed through our veins as we packed up the van. Adam, our drummer, patted me on the back. "Great backup, Shawn! I'm surprised your voice made it man! That last chorus was just killer!" I was  surprised too, though I hadn't said anything. Steve, who played bass, appeared on my other side, holding out a water bottle. "No kidding! Drink up before you lose it." He said to me. "Go find Stephanie when you're done with that." He motioned to the water I was chugging before walking to the front of the van and starting it up.

Adam wiggled his eyebrows. "And plant a big one on her for me. It's thanks to her voice that our songs sound so great. Your girl sure does have a set of lungs, don't she?" He laughed while he skipped over to the passenger side of the van. Steve revved up the engine at his approach while Adam yelled over his shoulder, "Go get 'er, man!"

I turned around and ran inside. The halls pulsed with music blaring from the clubs sound system. Lights were dim and with the accumulation of smoke filling the corridor, I found it increasingly harder to see.

I tried calling out Steph's name once I reached the main area, but only had my voice swallowed up by all the other noises in the room. Looking around, all I could see were bodies jumping in time to the music. Steph wasn't among them. I made my way with difficulty over to the bar.

Leaning over the counter, I waved a hand to catch the bartender's attention. He noticed and shuffled over to me.

"Hey Shawn," my brother-in-law Tony, the bartender, said to me. "Great show! What can I get ya?"

I nodded at him. "Ah, thanks man. Actually, I'm looking for-"

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her shirt glimmer off one of the above lights before disappearing behind a column.  I found her.

"Hold that thought, Tony." I said, waving to him as I passed.

"Hey, Steph." I said as I made my way around the circular column. "It's time to..."

My voice trailed off as I came face to face with my girlfriend sucking some guy's face off.  She stopped, noticed me, and flushed a deep crimson. Stephanie opened her mouth to say something.

I never heard what she said. I was too busy running away.


An entire month passed since then. With the loss of our lead singer, my band WashOut, the favored band expected to play at Battle of the Bands in October, went on hiatus. In a way, my heart did too.

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