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For those of you who don't like Quinn (because she really isn't my favorite right now either), do note that she will have major character development.

HENRY VANDERWALL KNEW, roughly, what the new facility would look like, since he was one of the ones to help design it, but nothing could have prepared him for the enormous sight before him, especially with how insignificant the outside was.

The front of the facility only looks like a bunker: a tall mound of dirt with a giant rolling door. Granted, the opening was large enough to fit the cargo plane they had arrived in.

Once you entered, however, it was as grand and massive as one would expect from something out of Area 51. The airplane is towed forwards onto a platform, before it is lowered to the second level, which is below ground level, but the room is now tall enough to house a freight ship.

Military men and doctors in lab coats scurry about on the ground beneath him. Forklifts, carts, and supplies are being driven in all directions, most of the supplies making their way to the other end of the facility at another roll up door opposite the entrance.

Rolling hatches and sliding doors, some even two feet thick, are equally placed on all sides of the facility. If the doctor remembers correctly, the doors on the right side lead to the housing units, the left side is the offices and labs, while the opposite end is where the Subject will be kept.

The airplane is unloaded, and the Subject makes it's way to the exit, still enclosed in his metal abode. The doctor follows eagerly, snapping and giving out orders along the way.

Dr. Vanderwall is accompanied by multiple assistants, most of which he finds overly assertive. They follow him everywhere he goes now, since he is the one in charge of America's most audacious campaigns yet.

They pass through the exit into a large hallway. They shoes clack on the linoleum floors as they follow the Subject. The hallway stops at a junction. Before them is a glass wall that over looks the Subject's training center. One side of the room holds a full sized running track with a lap pool in the center. Beside the track, is a smaller area with various tools to test his strength and abilities. It is an odd set up, but was the only way to keep everything consolidated.

The hallway wraps all the way around the the Subject's Unit, one side all glass to view the training area.

"Its perfect. Absolutely perfect," he says, a smile coming to his face for the first time in what seems like years.

Unfortunately, the unit will not be used until the Subject wakes up. It should only be a few days, but the excited doctor can hardly wait.


"You've got to be kidding me," Quinn says, her voice angry.

She presses the end call button and places her phone back into her pocket. Her flight landed two hours ago and her father still hasn't come to pick her up yet. That was the sixth time she had called him. Quinn hadn't bothered leaving a message; he would know why she called.

She flicks her black hair behind her shoulders, relaxing back into the bench. Her hair isn't naturally black, she dyed it that color. Her fingers mindlessly toy with the rips in her camo skinny jeans as she blows a breath from her lips.

"Are you Ms. Harmony Vanderwall?" A voice says, startling Quinn from her boredom.

She looks up to see a man in a black suit. He seems young, twenty something. His arms falls loosely by his sides, his shoulders straight and chin high.

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