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QUINN SLIPS BENEATH the duvet, her grey laptop sat on her lap. Beside her lies a plate of pizza rolls and a root beer on the nightstand. Rain splatters against the window outside, creating the perfect ambiance for studying.

Or, in Quinn's case, research on shady corporations.

Her fingers glide over the keyboard, the satisfying clack of the keys filling the silence. She presses the Enter key, anxiously awaiting the result. She almost jumps as it finally loads.

Quinn selects the first website to pop up. It is the normal home page, filled with links and pictures of smiling people and animals. It is tricky to navigate, which doesn't surprise her in the least. Finally finding an overview, she begins to read.

Global Relief is an organization dedicated to saving animals in need and leading the way in protecting the earth's future.

Quinn shrugs. That doesn't sound too bad--good, even--but what are they doing out here? She continues.

Composed of today's leading companies and top organizations, Global Relief is actively combating climate change and leading the world to a brighter future.
GR got its start in the aftermath of WWII, when Dr. Robert Stan funded the first scientific tests on the environment. His goal was to cleanse the earth after the horrible wars and industrial revolution, and bring the environment back to it's natural state. Today, his legacy lives on, GR conducting more research and tests every single day.
On the political side, humanitarians and environmental activists are working tirelessly to bring awareness to the political world.

Quinn stops there, reaching over for another pizza roll. The website says they are doing research, but what on? Actually, she is beginning to think she knows exactly what they are experimenting on.

Opening a new tab, she begins to type in the search bar. Dr. Robert Stan. Maybe this old dead and dusty dude will have some answers.

Nothing interesting catches her eye, just more information about GR and its early development. Until she found a rather interesting theory, that is.

This website is a little bit more sketch than the last, full of conspiracy theory articles and alien posts. She continues to comb through, though, until she finds the article about Stan.

Dr. Robert Stan or Dr. Stanislav?

Dr. Stanislav was a German scientist high up in the Nazi ranks. Known before the war for his extensive knowledge on supernatural beings and myth, it is broadly accepted that he carried on that knowledge to the war effort.
Employed by Hitler himself, Stanislav was head over a research project dedicated to animal and human experimentation. It is unknown as to whether or not the project was successful, but many accounts confirm that Stanislav was making a weapon--one the world has never seen before.

Quinn rubs her eyes frantically, wondering if any of what she is reading could possibly be true. No, this couldn't be it! Only, the signs don't lie, and they even get worse.

It is widely known that Hitler killed himself. In the same instance, it is also believed that Stanislav killed himself as well, driven mad by not seeing his project successful. Only, it does not seem his case ends there.
No body was ever recovered of Stanislav, the only record we have of his death being the word of a few captured soldiers.
And then, shortly after the war, Dr. Robert Stan rises from the masses as a top scientist and leader of Global Relief, an organization dedicated to saving the earth... and experimentation on animals.

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