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DAY 638

Veronica fondly admires the golden band encircling the ring finger of her left hand. Her feet are propped on the coffee table before the fireplace, a thick blanket wrapped around her body. A mug of coffee rests in her hands, the warmth heating her palms. Beside her lays her laptop where Micrisoft Word is opened.

The document displayed is one of her most prized possessions, a story of her own creation. Or, not exactly her's. It is also Theseus' story. The Tekula Project.

Despite the coziness she feels from the atmosphere of the secluded cabin she resides in, it is nothing compared to the comfort she feels when Theseus is the one next to her, keeping her warm.

Unfortunately, she taught him how to drive. It was, in part, a good idea, since it allows him freedom and it enables him to run errands to town for her. On the other hand, it means she can't spend every moment of her day attached to his side.

He is currently gone to town, picking up some supplies and checking for any mail they might have. He should be back any minute now.

She is proven right when the sound of the truck ambling up the driveway sounds outside. Veronica quickly sets down her mug and jumps off the couch.

Before Theseus can even get one step into the house, Veronica is already in his arms. He drops the groceries to the ground, choosing instead to wrap his arms around his wife.

"Hello, my love," he says, picking her up and carrying her in his arms to the couch. He flinches when she buries her cold nose in his neck, at which she laughs.

"This is what you get when you leave me alone for so long," she says.

"You said you didn't want to go!" He replies. "You know, I almost miss the days you weren't so clingy." Theseus plops on the couch, laying down with Veronica on his chest. The groceries rest discarded on the floor, completely forgotten.

She narrows her eyes. "Surely you don't mean that, husband." Veronica spreads her knees to either side of his hips, her hands placed above his shoulders, holding herself above him.

Theseus stares up at his wife. Her red hair is like a fiery halo around her head, her eyes entrancing pools of jade green. His hands grasp her hips--the hips he has become so familiar with these many months they've been married.

"Hmm. Certainly not."

His eyes glance over to see the laptop resting idly on the coffee table. The contraption still confuses him sometimes, and he doesn't trust it, but Veronica says it can't do anything wrong.

"How is the writing coming?" He asks her.

Veronica snuggles down into his chest. "It isn't. I'm absolutely horrible at writing," she states.

Theseus frowns. "No, it isn't."

"Yes, it is. The way I write is incredibly boring. All of it is like a report I'm writing, not a story."

"I could read it for you, if you'd like," Theseus recommends.

Veronica sighs dejectedly. "I think you'll tell me it's good no matter how bad it is."

Theseus shrugs. "Speaking of writing, we have mail."

Veronica purses her lips. "Who would be contacting us?"

"Your family?" Theseys suggests.

Veronica rises, traipsing into the kitchen to pick through the previously discarded bags. Meanwhile, Theseus growls quietly under his breath at the loss of her touch.

Soon enough, she returns with a small envelope held loosely in her hands. "I don't recognize the name, or the place," she says, reading the mailing adress.

She sits down on the couch, Theseus curling up to her, his head on her lap. "Read away, my Mate."

And so she does:

Dear Veronica and Theseus,

My name is Quinn Vanderwall. I am the daughter of Dr. Henry Vanderwall.

Veronica stops there, her eyes widening at the letter before her. "I didn't even know he had a daughter..." she mumbles. Theseus frowns as well at the memory of the man.

I am writing to you because I have discovered something. I found a box of files locked in my dad's office. They were labelled THE TEKULA PROJECT. Some were notes you took about the Project, ones about Theseus. The rest were notes of my dad's.
I want you to know that I don't share his opinions about the Project. He is a monster and I struggle to believe he really is my father. Also, I want to congratulate you and Theseus on your escape.

Theseus smiles. He decides he likes Quinn.

Normally, I would have let you be, but I need your help. My dad is working on a new project in Alaska, one that is highly classified. I have reason to believe they found a new lycanthrope... Or something.

"What?" Theseus asks. "They couldn't have. I am the last!"

"I know. Which is why I fear something much worse is happening," Veronica replies.

An organization called Global Relief were the ones that found Theseus in the wilderness. They are also the ones who have been delivering suspicious goods to the facility here in Alaska. I have found research that may prove they were previously run by a former Nazi planning to build a weapon.
Please, I need your help to expose this.

At the bottom of the letter is an address and directions to a cafe. Veronica looks questioningly at Theseus, as though asking if this is something they should do.

Theseus nods.

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