Baby's Gender

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It's been two days since Mikasa and Levi have reunited, and Eren, Levi, and Mikasa were all going to find the baby's gender today! The boys were hoping for a girl, but Mikasa was hoping for a boy. She didn't understand why she did, she just felt as though it'd almost be more fun. 

"Ready?" Levi asked Mikasa and Eren, who were kissing in their room. They hastily parted their lips as Mikasa picked up her purse on the bedroom floor. 

With Mikasa in the middle of Eren and Levi, she felt the intense glares her brother was giving Eren. She narrowed her eyes back at him and slapped his arm. 

"Stop Levi! He didn't do anything to you, so don't do that to him," Mikasa protested as the car stopped swiftly. 

"We're here, Ms. Ackerman," the driver said as Mikasa handed him $1.50 as he sped off. Looking at the building, Mikasa was intimidated. 

"It's okay hun, just follow me," Eren said as he held out his hand. Mikasa grabbed it for her life as she looked down at the gray paths that led to the building. They approached a stiff wooden door and walked in with urgency. They walked up to the lady at the front desk who had black hair and blue eyes. Her hair was styles half up, half down and she smiled almost too much. 

"Hi folks! May I help you?" Her white teeth glistened and Mikasa could feel her fist clench. She just wanted to see her baby. 

"Listen Ms. Perfect, I have an appointment for 2 o'clock to see my baby's gender and I would kindly like you to stop smiling at me and escort me back there!" Mikasa practically spit in the woman's face as tears appeared in her eyes. Mikasa looked at her brother and boyfriend as they looked at her with shock. 

"Y-yes ma'am," the woman instantly typed into her computer and saw Mikasa's name "R-right th-this w-ay." They followed her and took a seat in the waiting room. Mikasa pulled aside the woman before she left. 

"Listen, I'm sorry, I just...your smile reminded me of my mothers," Mikasa looked down as the woman hugged her. "I lost my mom a long time ago, but I wish she were here," Mikasa admitted.

"It's okay darling, I understand. I lost my dad two years ago and there's not a day that goes by I don't think about him." Mikasa nodded.

"I lost my dad too." Mikasa hugged the woman back as they cried together. 

"Ms. Ackerman?" The doctor called Mikasa's name. She let go of the woman and smiled lightly at her. 

"I'm sorry, and thank you for the much needed hug," Mikasa said as the woman smiled back.

"Always." The lady walked away as Mikasa, Eren, and Levi all walked back to the exam room. 

"Mikasa, what was that about?" Eren asked as the doctor lay Mikasa down and began to spread jell on her stomach. 

"That woman back there...her smile was just like my mothers," Mikasa almost smiled and began to concentrate on how the jell felt on her. How it tickled her. She looked back at Eren who just smiled and nodded. He held her hand and rubbed her knuckles slowly as Mikasa began to quiver. Levi half smiled, seeing the true side of Eren.

"Alright Ms. Ackerman, today's the day!"the doctor said excitedly. Everyone in the room nodded and smiled. Mikasa couldn't put into words how she felt. "I'm going to move this wand around your stomach, okay?" She nodded and squeezed Eren's hand tighter. 

After about 3 minutes, the doctor finally found the right spot. 

"Congratulations, Ms. Ackerman on the baby girl!" Mikasa and Eren cried tears of joy as Levi smiled, a genuine full smile. The doctor printed out a picture of the ultrasound and wiped off the jell. 

"I'll see you again in three weeks," the doctor said as they left and waited for their car. Mikasa held onto her stomach and cried harder. Eren knelt down and kissed it gently and whispered, "hi baby girl, Mommy and I can't wait to meet you," and it was true, neither one of them couldn't wait. 

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