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So which of the favors of your Lord will you deny? [Surah Rahman: Ayah 13]

fajr [daybreak]

I rubbed my weary eyes,

and pulled my тσяи dress

a little closer,

over myshivering skin.

The horizon,

was merely a

landscape of sullen pinks,

and dreary blues,

and it reminded me,

of the better times,

that αppєαrєd to have been

too long ago.

The times where,

I wasn't out on the


when I wasn't left empty-handed,

when I wasn't a wanderer

of broken streets, and shredded thoughts.


as I shifted into a

more comfortable position,

my impaired heart continued to beat,

and I continued to inhale the tainted air.

For I knew that these times,

would surpass,

just as the cold air,

which is melted by

lucent rays,

And that maybe,

just maybe,

I would be able to spread my tattered


and υṉɾαṿεl my bound heart

once more.

Assalamu Alaikum or Hello,

Thank you all so much for 300+ reads. Only in my wildest dreams would I have dreamt having this many reads. Inshallah (God willing) I can continue to get more reads. And sorry if this chapter is not as up to standards as the other ones, I was experiencing a bit of a writers block. But, THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE WHO READ OR COMMENTED OR VOTED! :)

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