faded blue

faded blue

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in which a girl writes down her thoughts on tattered blue pages, with only a worn-out copy of the Quran, a long dress, two granola bars, three dollars and her Lord to guide her while surviving on the streets of New York City.


They say that somewhere along the road of this twisted life, you'll find yourself,
That you'll become the good person you were always meant to be,
But as I trudged down the isolated streets,
I wondered how I was going to find myself, my тяυє self,
When I was already so lost

[All Rights Reserved @FallingFeather]
{Cover by @Zammurad}

Ruyaa12 Ruyaa12 Oct 15, 2015
Are you sure you are not related to e.e.cummings? Your experiments with the format reminds me of him :)
HugoDavis18 HugoDavis18 Nov 26, 2014
This is like galloping upon a stormy tsunami; it's sweetness and its poignancy in the use of words is angelic. Keep this up. It's completely awesome :)!
apostropheA apostropheA Nov 12, 2014
MashaAllah.. I love how 'foolish' and 'used to be' were deliberately written as such. Really brings out the meaning of the poem well
EfflorescingFireBall EfflorescingFireBall Oct 20, 2014
Is it normal to receive goosebumps reading this? Mashallah :)
Poetme123 Poetme123 Oct 10, 2014