Chapter 2: Friend

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"Thanks a lot, Naruto!" Ayato exclaimed as he successfully hit the center of the target with a kunai. Naruto smiled at the older boy. 

"No problem, Ayato-kun." He said cheerfully as he went to help other students practice throwing kunai, having completed this step two and a half years ago, and now he would help the sensei in tutoring the academy children. 

"Hey, Naruto," A boy named Iruka called, grinning as he held his hands behind his back. He had tan skin with a cut on the bridge of his nose that extended to his cheeks, his brown hair in a messy bun on the back of his head. "Can you come help me with my Shuriken?" Naruto pointed at Itachi, who was currently walking towards Iruka. 

"I have to help Mizuki-kun, but Itachi will help you." Iruka looked slightly disappointed. Sure, Itachi was a great tutor as well, but the boy always unnerved Iruka, unlike Naruto who always smiled, so positive and cheerful. Nobody disliked Naruto, he was a bright shining light. 

They would be sad when Naruto and Itachi would graduate today without them, along with another girl who Itachi was acquainted with, Izumi Uchiha. 

Naruto, who was eight-years-old, was just about four feet tall, slightly smaller than the rest of his older classmates, who were older by a year, but the presence he brought was incredible. With a single smile, or even a look, the whole class would quiet and listen, and then Naruto would say something sappy, but positive and wise. 

"I don't get it," Mizuki growled, his kunai have been bouncing off the target as if they were dull, but he had sharpened them the night before! There was no way they'd be dull already! Naruto saw Mizuki's kunai and held out his hand. 

"May I?" He asked politely. Mizuki nodded, grateful that the class prodigy would be helping him. Naruto took hold of the kunai, observing it for a second before speaking. "It's dull. It's possible that if you threw it with more force it would stick, but that would decrease your accuracy. Have you been sharpening your kunai, Mizuki-kun?" Mizuki nodded vigorously. 

"Every night!" Naruto nodded. 

"Ah, so that's the problem. You can't over sharpen a tool, that'll just make it run out of its durability faster. Sharpen it once a week, or maybe once every two weeks depending on how much you use it." He grabbed a kunai from his pouch and handed it to Mizuki, who grabbed hold of the handle carefully as if he held a sacred object in his hands. "Try throwing it now," Mizuki nodded as he took aim. 

He hurled the kunai towards the target and it hit smack in the middle, a bullseye. He cheered a little as it stuck, causing Naruto's smile to grow bigger. 

"Good job, Mizuki-kun," Naruto said, patting the boy on the shoulder. Mizuki grinned at him, obviously proud of himself.

"I'll surpass you one day, Naruto!" He said with excitement, Naruto nodded, his smile never diminishing. 

"I'm sure you will, Mizuki-kun." Naruto felt a small tap on his shoulder. He turned around and looked up, seeing his sensei. 

"Oh, hello Kasami-sensei, is it time already?" Kasami nodded, a sad, yet proud smile on her face as she watched as Itachi and Izumi approached Naruto on either side of him. 

"I'm afraid so, Hokage-sama wishes to give you your sensei now. I heard he's quite strong," Naruto grinned. 

"Well, thank you for teaching us all you know, Kasami-sensei!" Naruto shouted as the three bowed in unison, making Kasami chuckle in embarrassment. 

"Oh stop, you're making me blush," She said quietly as she pushed the glasses further on her face. "Now go see the Hokage, and make you sure you visit us every once and awhile." Naruto, Itachi, and Izumi nodded. 

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