Ghirahim x Sick!Reader - Told Ya So

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Happy Wednesday, losers! Before we get that hot and spicy Nintendo Direct, have a oneshot! (I've already got my hopes up for some BotW 2 stuff fuck my life)

This was requested a while back by BasilikTheDragon, so thank you for that! This was a fun one, and I just adore my spicy boi Ghirahim!

(Word Count: 2,606)


"You are overreacting."

Ghirahim stepped in front of you to stop you from leaving your small cottage home. "I am NOT!" He yelled in reply. Then he took you by the arm and pulled you back inside. "It's the middle of winter, but you want to walk around with your arms bare like you're climbing Eldin Volcano! Are you mad?!"

You glanced down at your short-sleeved tunic before crossing your arms. "Yeah, mad that you dragged me back into the house..." You sassed quietly like a child.

"There are literally sheets of ice outside!"

You only shrugged casually and slipped past the tall figure to get back out and into the brisk cold. "I don't get what the big deal is. I used to go out like this all the time during winter. And it was way colder because we were in the sky!"

"You don't seem to understand that the weather might affect you differently here." Ghirahim was ready to follow after and try to stop you if he had to.

You giggled and poked his nose playfully. "Overreacting~!" You teased. Then, you turned on your heel and headed right into the forest. The sword spirit didn't hesitate to chase after you.

"(Name), so help me, if you don't turn right back around, I will teleport you back myself and tie you down until spring!"

"That sounds kinda hot." You said, eyeing Ghirahim as you walked together. The words felt strange coming from your mouth, but it was all you could think of to make him leave you alone. If you've learned anything in the time you've been with Ghirahim, it's that sex-talk is an extremely easy way to distract him.

Your love nearly fell for it, but he locked eyes with you and saw through your little ruse. He glared and pointed at you accusingly. "Do not try to flirt with ME, woman!"

"Worth a shot..." You muttered to yourself, looking dejected. But it didn't take you long to straighten up and grin happily at him. "Look, just give me an hour, and I'll be done before you know it! All I need is wood for the fireplace and some extra to turn into charcoal."

"What do you need charcoal for?"

You shrugged lightly. "Paint is starting to get boring. I gotta mix it up a bit."

Yes, you were an artist. Or at least trying to be, anyway. You didn't think you were all that good, but Ghirahim always went out of his way to praise your work. Still, you wanted to 'expand your horizons' so to speak. So, you decided to change your art style up with charcoal!

So, with a sigh, Ghira allowed you the time you asked for. Though, he counted the seconds in his head to make sure you didn't stay out any longer than you had to. When it came to his precious diamond, he was just a little crazy about your health and safety. It was sweet, but you insisted you could take care of yourself.

"It's been an hour, so I hope you've gathered enough," Ghirahim said after a while, holding a bundle of wood under his arm.

You tried to peek your head over the logs in your arms, but you struggled to see the sword spirit in front of you. "Yeah, I think this'll be enough-! Woah!!" A log tumbled off the top of your pile, but Ghirahim quickly caught it and put it under his arm with his own bundle. "Oh! Thanks, Ghira!"

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