Ghirahim x Reader - Clutz

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Hello everyone! Sorry about not posting last week, but as most of you know, last Wednesday was Independence Day! I hope all you nasty 'muricans had a great fourth of July! And for those of you who don't live in the country, I hope you all enjoyed your lame excuse to party your asses off! Anywho, I was spending time with my family, so there wasn't much time to finish any of the chapters I was working on. I did my best to make this one good to make up for last week.

As you can see, it says Ghirahim up there, so you can only assume spiciness will occur. A Ghirahim Oneshot was requested quite some time ago by Rin1515, so thank you for that!  I had lots of fun with this one!


"I don't know how else to say this," You sighed while peeling an onion, albeit clumsily. "Get out."

Ghirahim leaned his head on your shoulder while resting his hands on your waist from behind. "(Name)..." He cooed sweetly.

"I mean it."

You felt his fingers slowly glide up your sides; barely grazing past you. "Please, love..." He whispered into your ear. "Not many women can make me beg the way you do."

You snorted even though you were trying really hard to ignore him. "Funny, but you're only making it worse for yourself."

"(Name)~" That's when his tongue grazed against your earlobe.

You growled knowing damn well your boyfriend has crossed the line. You huffed and pushed him off of you; turning to face him. "No, I am serious! Do I have to say it in a different language?" Accidentally, you dropped the onion on the ground; another clutzy thing that didn't surprise either of you.

Finally, he dropped the act and gave you an apologetic grin. Well, apologetic was a bit generous... It was at the very most, honest. "But, (Name)! You've been in here for so long, and I want to help!"

He wasn't wrong. You'd been in the kitchen of your house all afternoon, trying to make the perfect dinner. You and Ghirahim were going to be spending all night together, but you wanted him to eat dinner with you first. The food you were making took quite some time to prepare so you started in the afternoon. And Ghirahim, being the great yet distracting lover he was, decided to teleport into your home three hours early; demanding you let him help.

You loved Ghirahim from the bottom of your heart, truly, he was the best thing to ever happen to you. He showed you a side of himself that nobody else was allowed to see. That in itself made you happier than you've ever been.

Even so, there was no way in fucking hell he was touching your food. Not even if the sky was falling.

You pointed your ladle at him. "I love you, Ghirahim. I really do... But I don't trust your cooking. Get out of my kitchen."

Reluctantly, he gave up on the seduction and actually left the room. You were quite surprised that he actually went away quietly considering he's not... quiet. Either way, dinner had to get done, so you did your best to ignore his odd behavior and continue working.

Unbeknownst to you, Ghirahim was just outside the kitchen tapping his fingers on the table impatiently. He understood tonight represented something important in the Hylian courting culture - even though he didn't really see the point in it - so he was trying so hard not to ruin it for your sake. He cared very little for the race that's begun claiming his land as their own, but something was very different about you. Something he needed to keep for himself.

But that special something would have to be put away for now because he was not happy. In case you haven't heard, Ghirahim does not like to wait. And he does not like the word no. So he stood up and walked back to the kitchen.

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