Dark Link x Reader - Hat-Tastrophe

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This is definitely a bit of a turn from the last one shot. This was more cutesy and fluffy while the other was... well it doesn't matter. I wouldn't have written it if it wasn't something I'd enjoy reading on my own time. Same goes for this. I am proud of everything I write, and I hope you enjoy!

This was requested by Laevexd

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Silently, you poked your head into your love's study to see what he was up to this late at night. That's when you noticed his figure at the desk; his head resting peacefully on the wooden table. Poor Dark Link had a rough day; that hero has been giving him such a hard time, and Dark has begun losing that snarky confidence that makes his eyes spark. Because of this, you decided to make him feel better by fixing up his pride and joy: his long, dark grey hat. It had so many holes and tears; it looked like how many of his clothes used to look. Honestly, you wondered what he'd do without you?

As quietly as you could, you tiptoed over to him and plucked his hat off to reveal his beautiful, white hair. You smiled and leaned to kiss his head while reminding yourself that he needs a shower. Sometimes, he's so busy, he forgets that taking showers and looking like a member of society isn't just for special occasions.

You took a few steps back to make sure he wouldn't wake up. Once you were sure he'd stay unconscious, you let out a sigh of relief and turn on your heel; making a beeline for your shared bedroom.

As soon as you made it back to your room, you pulled out a needle and some black thread and got to work. Your sewing skills used to be absolute trash, but you figured stitching up his tunic countless times has made you better at it. After a few hours, you finished fixing the last of the holes and held the cap up to the light so you could get a better look at it. "Good as new!" You cheered quietly to yourself.

You supposed maybe making sure it wouldn't rip up again was a good idea, and you gently placed the hat on your head. That's when you realized how fun it was pretending to be Dark. You even stood up and began twirling around with the long hat. It eventually fell over your eyes, but you only giggled. That's when you found a hanger on the floor and began swinging it around. "Hya! Hi-ya! Back off, you obnoxious little elf boy! Hya! Green is such an obnoxious color! Hi-ya! Meanwhile, black goes with everything!" You continued criticizing the hero's poor choice in color until you heard a muffled laugh from behind you. Ever so slightly, you pulled the hat up over your eyes, only to see the hero's shadow sitting on the bed and trying so hard not make a single noise. "Dark?" You called.

He quickly sat up and put on a straight face. "Uh, um. Wh-What are you doing with my hat?" He asked. You glared playfully at him because you knew he was only trying to change the subject.

"Here, I fixed it up for you." You replied with a calming smile while handing the cap to him.

He carefully placed it on his head and smirked. "A little tight, don't you think?"

"What! That thing was like a blindfold on me!"

He laughed and grabbed your hand; pulling you into his lap. "I'm just teasing. It's perfect; thank you, my angel." His nose nuzzled against your cheek, and you giggled.

"Alright! I'm gonna stop you before this escalates." You smiled. "You're exhausted; I can tell. Now, go to bed."

He pouted like a child. "But I like it when things escalate!" He whined. You simply gave him a knowing look, and he groaned. "Fine! I'll go to bed. But you have to come to bed with me." He pushed himself back onto the pillows and patted the spot next to him.

Reluctantly, you moved next to him and slid under the covers as he did the same. The candles went out, and you were able to get comfortable next to him. You were so close to falling to sleep when you felt his hand brush against your leg. Your eyes stayed shut as you said with a stern voice, "No, Dark. Bed."

"Ugh, fine."

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