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Legend of Zelda x Reader Oneshots by Wolfie_is_ROOD
Legend of Zelda x Reader Oneshotsby Wolfie ROOD
This will include mostly Breath of the wild characters, but I do accept requests for any legend of Zelda character you dare to throw at me. My favorites are Revali, Vaat...
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Link & Shadow Link X Reader by Edraux
Link & Shadow Link X Readerby Edraux
You wake up on a beach to a boy with blond hair and no memory of your life before this. Who were you in the past? Where did you come from? Journey over seas and through...
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Choosen by the Wind (Vaati X Reader)  by Bluewings55
Choosen by the Wind (Vaati X Bluewings55
After Vaati brooke free again from his prison, he got sick trying to take over Hyrule and decided to life farther run the place of winds. But, how to rule without a beau...
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Gone With the Wind...Mage? (A Vaati x Reader Fanfiction) by crescentleaf
Gone With the Wind...Mage? (A crescentleaf
As the daughter of a famous archaeologist, (y/n) naturally held the passion for collecting old things. Every time you visited the Castle Town of Hyrule, the shops were t...
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Four Swords One-Shots (and randomness) by Link2Quinne
Four Swords One-Shots (and Link2Quinne
Here, is a bunch of OTP's and randomness written by yours truly. I love requests, so do not be hesitant! Some parts may be music inspired, and hopefully I will include s...
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That Girl... (Four Swords x Reader) by poke-fangirl
That Girl... (Four Swords x Reader)by Amethyst Jewel
Okay I've always wanted to write this! I've seen others stories but they never get finished! So I'll be the first!(Yeah no that didn't happen hehe ^^') (Also this might...
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Be Mine Or Else.. (Vaati X Reader) by Shana-Beanz
Be Mine Or Else.. (Vaati X Reader)by Ginger_*Snap*
I know I should update my other books, but in lazy. Also having writers block. Time to change things up! Enough Adventure time! Time for..... Legend Of Zelda! We all...
Vaati X Reader ~ Queen To Be  by WildChild289
Vaati X Reader ~ Queen To Be by Queen Of Stories
18 days was all you had left before you became queen. You only 13 days to find you a suitor. In your kingdom before you became queen you had a rule you had to be married...
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Winds of Desperation - Vaati x Female Reader (BotW AU) by InsaneScholar
Winds of Desperation - Vaati x InsaneScholar
[Y/n] has lived her life wandering on her own for over a decade, ever since that incident at Hyrule Castle, when she was still a child. However, when an ancient evil thr...
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One Curse Ends Another Begins by ArceusInsanity
One Curse Ends Another Beginsby Arceus Insanity
Sequel to the Yandere Curse, make sure to read that first. The Links are now 25 and have just moved in to their very own house. Blue has become a personal trainer. Shado...
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The Broken And The Blamed (Vidow) by Violoafforprez
The Broken And The Blamed (Vidow)by VIOLOAF X SHALDOW
What started as a regular day transformed into an unexpected, but expected, story about two Links who were overcoming their unbearable pasts, and found a new start with...
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Vaati X Reader~ Destiny  by WildChild289
Vaati X Reader~ Destiny by Queen Of Stories
Today your sister Zelda is throwing a party to celebrate her birthday she sent out invitations throughout the whole kingdom. While everyone else was having fun you sat t...
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The four swords week: in order of days. by dragonlover5151
The four swords week: in order dragonlover5151
A look into the daily lives of the four sword boys and Vaati. Vaati now lives with them, no longer a villain.
Legend of Zelda Comics/jokes/other by Mystical_Fi
Legend of Zelda Comics/jokes/otherby Fi
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Fer Swordz by HimetheSpuddy
Fer Swordzby Hime
Lonk is now a knight of heerul! He serbs Prinseses Sulda, but he is berry incompetenet at hiss job. BUT ALL OF A SSUDNE!!!!!!!!! AN EVIL VERSON OF LONK KIDNAPS CELDA...
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Sound of Love by RoseFierce13
Sound of Loveby RoseFierce13
Highschool is a pain it's an even bigger pain when you include romance and drama!
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Legend of Zelda Scenarios by Inferno_Fox
Legend of Zelda Scenariosby Nohbdy Kearz
Who wouldn't want to date one of the wonderful and amazingly created characters from legend of Zelda? Come on?
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Mistake?(Vaati X Reader) by Legend_Of_Em
Mistake?(Vaati X Reader)by Legend_Of_Em
You are Zelda's sister and it was your birthday. You had a celebration when all of a sudden Vaati the wind Mage takes you as his own. Vaati forces you to become his serv...
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Night Wind ((Vaati X reader)) by Dawn_of_dusk
Night Wind ((Vaati X reader))by Galazybunny
You cant expect to always be the good guy..... (Vaati X reader)
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I'm not good by o0omwo0o
I'm not goodby o0omwo0o
You were always the one people would seek help from. You were a good girl. Oh, how wrong they were, the people of Hyrule were so naive it was funny. Oh, if only they cou...
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