Revali x Reader - Worlds Apart 3 (FINALE)

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Alright, the final part of this little short story! I hope you've enjoyed!


You tapped your chin thoughtfully with your pen. You tried to gauge what was important and what wasn't. You didn't want your letters to be boring to read.

There was a quiet tap on your already open door. "Hey there," Kona greeted. "What're you up to?"

"Not now," You groaned without looking up.

"Are you writing to him again?" She asked. Obviously, Kona's habit of disobeying you has yet to be broken.

You sighed and turned to see Kona getting comfortable on your bed and playing with a potion bottle she'd had on her person. "I'm trying to! Only, someone keeps distracting me!"

"So, are you guys a thing now?" She asked while flipping the purple bottle into the air.

You put your pen down. "Kona."

The girl caught the potion with ease and flipped it again - a habit - as she egged you on. "You should go see him."

"Kona," You warned again. She was starting to get on your nerves, but what else was new?

Kona sat up with an idea and playfully smirked at you. "I'll help you sneak into the castle if that's the issue!"

"Kona!" You stood up; glaring at the blank paper in front of you. "Stop it."

"But I'm serious," She sighed. "This isn't where you were supposed to end up. You should be at that castle with your Prince Charming!"

You turned away. "The princess will have my head..." You muttered.

"She will not." Kona scoffed. "If she really wanted you dead, she would've done that instead of appointing you Champion."

"Ex-champion... but, ya think so?"

She stared at you with a serious expression before breaking into a goofy grin. "I dunno! But I do know that it's been two months of constant letters back and forth. The mailman must hate you guys."

You walked over and laid on your bed. Kona cuddled next to you. "I'm tired of writing..." You told your best friend. "Actually, I'm just tired in general."

"Me too. Sleep?" Kona asked. When you didn't respond, she looked up to see your eyes shut. Your breathing was calm and gentle. You had fallen asleep in record time. Your friend smiled and put her head back down on your chest. "Okay then."


Your eyes opened and you were wide awake. The only hint you had to what woke you up was the rapid beating in your ears. It was the middle of the night, and Kona was still snoring beside you. Your heart was beating fast and your mind was going a million miles per second. You glanced anxiously around the room while trying to think straight.

Then, everything slowed to a stop.

Your breathing began to even out and your heart had started to beat rhythmically. Your mind cleared up. Grabbing Kona's shoulder, you shook her awake. You knew what you needed to do.

"H-Huh? Wha? What is it?" She mumbled while wiping the saliva from her face. "What's goin' on?"

"Grab your weapons. Let's go," You answered quietly. Then you stood up and opened your closet. Inside was your cloak from when you became a champion. You stuffed it in your bag. When you turned back, you noticed Kona hadn't moved an inch. "... Now, please?"

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