Volga x Reader Part 3 - Cries of a Pheonix

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Okay, so this is a headcanon I think a lot about nowadays. Um, actually, I've been thinking about it since Part 1! I absolutely LOOOVEEE this oneshot. It's one I'm extremely proud of (in case you couldn't tell with the +4k WORDS). This was so much fucking fun like oh my god. The inspiration for this was strong as hell. Would you believe it was because I saw a username commenting on a oneshot of mine?

This third part was not requested, but whatever. I will tag Pheonix_Crossbow for being my muse for this oneshot! I love this part so much, I just--

Just... Just go read.


Another day, another shake of the ground. It's been nonstop lately, but nobody could explain the constant earthquakes. You could tell Volga had an idea of what might be happening, but he didn't bother to let you in on it. So, you never really pushed it.

Still, it did concern you when he left for days at a time without even saying where he was off to. And when he came back with burn marks all over his hands, he dismissed it like it was nothing. You had half a mind to follow him around, but you couldn't teleport like Volga. And as much as you wanted to start an argument about his disappearances, it would only end in a really bad fight. The both of you were known for your fiery personalities.

Of course, you could always learn how to warp. But the learning process would take weeks at best. Plus, you still wouldn't know where Volga was heading. For now, you'd just have to endure being left in the dark.

With a deep inhale, you raised your hand up, pointing it to the vase on your table. You focused on getting the glass object off the kitchen surface. Slowly, it lifted up and hovered in the air. Feeling confident, you pushed it up even higher.



You groaned and rubbed your temples in frustration. "Bad timing, Firestarter..." You muttered while glaring at the broken vase in front of you. Then you turned to Volga, who had warped just behind you.

"I apologize." He said in his usual deep tone. "I was wondering if you moved the bandages because I can't seem to find them."

Your gaze went from his stoic face to his burnt hands. "No, we ran out a little while ago, so I bought more..." You replied slowly, still in thought. "It's still in my bag..." You reached for your bag and pulled out a couple of small rolls of bandages. Then, you handed one to him.

"Thank you." He replied and moved to the living room.

It pissed you off to no end, how he could walk around your house – bandage his hands – like nothing was wrong with your relationship. After Cia's defeat, Volga spent most of his time with you, trying to help you get acquainted with people again. You were very untrusting of others, and without Volga's help, you'd still be hopeless. You grew very close to him within that time, and his affection for you didn't go unnoticed, either. You had fallen in love with the dragon knight, and even though it was never made official, you liked to think of him as your romantic interest; especially with the way the two of you make love every now and then...

But now you weren't so sure. He snuck around, dodged simple questions, and even lied straight to your face at times. It made you feel almost pathetic in a way. You knew little to nothing about him, but he knew everything about you. If he felt as though he couldn't talk to you about certain things, then what were you to him? Were you even worth the time of day? Where was your place in his heart?

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