Vaati x Goddess!Reader - Divine Intervention

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Whoo boy! A lot of people seemed to really really like my Vaati oneshot, and I figured another one was more than necessary! I really liked the idea of what might happen should Vaati come into contact with a god. I got the multiple gods idea from fleets on, aka TheWishingCap on tumblr. Holy hell. If you want good loz fanfictions, I think you'd love fleets. She's also one hell of an artist!! Please go check her out, she's super supportive and deserves the love! Anywho!


Nobody knew - or cared to know - that there were more extraordinary entities other than the three Goddesses to exist. There was Chrona, the Goddess of time. Atero, the God of the afterlife, and the Divine Forty.

The divine forty were a large group of deities, each with a specified emotion to control. You were (Name), the Goddess of love. Most of the emotion Gods were part of a hierarchy, but you as well as a few other Gods didn't quite fit into that society. Love was in a rank of its own with no one telling you how to properly distribute your power but you. One thing that was interesting about all of these Gods was that none of you could not possess your own feelings.

You, as well as the other Gods in your system, were unable to express yourselves in any way. It was so you'd be unbiased when giving ruling over the emotions of others. Because of this, you never felt love. You never felt anything.

Well, that was before today.

You stared at world below. You couldn't actually see anything because you were in a separate realm entirely. But with your Godly sight, you could see everything. It was the home of the three Goddesses’ children; Hyrule. Your eyes saw everything at once, which meant they noticed a certain lavender-haired sorcerer pacing silently in his empty throne room. You'd been watching him curiously for a while now and had taken note of how much he paced. You've come to the conclusion that it was because of the Hero. The wielder of Courage was on his way to the palace in the sky.

It was faint, but there was a tug in your chest. You knew better than to meddle in the affairs of the Goddesses’ chosen one, but there was something strange going on with your body. Something that told you to go to him anyway

There was a rapid beating in your chest that was always rhythmic before, and your breathing had become almost uneven. The longer you stared at the wind Mage’s red eyes, the warmer your face became. You knew the symptoms - you made it happen countless times to younger couples - but you refused to believe it was happening to you.

You were falling in love, and that shouldn't be possible. It wasn't possible.

But it obviously was because the more you watched him, the more you longed to go down there and speak with him - protect him. You couldn't put your finger on what made him so attractive, but you figured it had something to do with his almost Godlike power. He was the only person who ever got close to the power of a God without actually having help from one. He even had a castle floating in the air - his own little world, just like a God.

You found his foul personality and his not-so-humble origins interesting. You felt compelled to help him somehow. He didn't believe in Gods like everyone else did. He sought out world domination and the ruin of Hyrule. You wanted to meet him, and show him that Gods were real and that you wanted to help him. You wanted that more than anything.

So, you went down to the mortal’s world to get what you wanted.

The wind was gentle on your soft skin as you floated down to Hyrule. Once you were outside the Palace of Winds, you opened a window with your golden magic and slid in without making a sound. You sat peacefully on the windowsill beside the sorcerers lonely throne; watching silently as his cape fluttered behind him. You said nothing and only waited for him to notice your presence. Finally, the mage stopped pacing and craned his head to see your curiously innocent eyes on him.

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