Vaati x Reader - Failure is not an Option

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Wow, this was long as fuck. I really love Vaati, can ya tell? To be honest, this was a bit on the fluffy side, which might be a little out of character for our lovely mage. The reason for that is I wrote this in the same mindset as one of my OC's who is Vaati's closest attendant and friend (Though, their relationship is purely platonic). Her and Vaati get along better than milk and cereal, so they are pretty damn fluffy when nobody else is around. So, I mean, sorry for all the fluff this is my excuse??

Nahhh I'm never sorry for sweet fluffy Vaati!

Oh, this was requested by joske27, so thank you! Vaati is my all time favorite LoZ boi, so I had a great time!


Limping down the dim candlelit hallway, you swore angrily under your breath. "That son of a bitch... Where is he?" In the far corners of your mind, you could sense a dark aura coming from Vaati's study at the end of the hall, so you picked up the pace to confront him. Then you slammed the door open with rage burning in your eyes. "Hey, asshole!" You yelled, gaining the attention of the sorcerer across the room.

Vaati sighed and looked up from his book. He took notice of your large burn marks and blood-covered figure but said nothing about it. "What now?" He asked with a bored expression. Obviously, he wasn't too happy about being interrupted so late at night.

"'What now'? Your fucking Wizzrobe buddies are getting on my last nerves!" You screamed in response. You could still hear their cackling in the distance "I just killed one of those fuckers, so don't blame me when they all end up dead by the end of the week!"

The wind mage's newly appointed (and extremely irritating) servants were starting to get violent, and even he could see that. Still, they were highly advanced in magic and it wasn't exactly easy getting them to the palace in the first place. Vaati was well aware of how much trouble they were for you, but he also knew they could be useful to him. He was hoping the benefits outweighed the consequences and that his efforts weren't just a waste of time. It was certainly starting to look that way, though. Especially after you barged in with multiple wounds and blood-stained clothes.

But even after seeing his faithful attendant in such disarray, he refused to admit he was wrong. "If you truly hate them that much, just avoid them," Vaati said dismissively. "Nobody told you to watch over them."

"Because nobody had to! They destroy everything in their path and then they think it's funny! When your palace goes up in smoke, you'll only have yourself to blame." You growled. With that, you left the room; slamming the door on your way out.

When you woke the next morning, you took your time fixing the bandages around your stomach and repatch your arm. Then, you downed a red potion just in case. Your wounds weren't as bad as they looked, but they could easily get infected if you didn't take care of them. You were immortal, not invincible. Once you were done taking care of your injuries and changing into clean clothes, you left the bedroom to start your morning.

In the large dining room, only two seats at the table were set for breakfast. A ghost of a smile crossed your lips when you realized Vaati had woken before you. Usually, you were the first to wake up and make something to eat, but it seems your master had you beat that day. "Enjoy sleeping in?"

You turned around to see Vaati carrying two plates of food from the kitchen. "I've actually been up for a while now." Then you gestured to your bandaged arm. "I had to fix these before I did anything else."

The mage walked past you to the table, subtly eyeing your injuries with a hint of guilt. Before you could notice, he turned away and placed your food on the table. You quickly sat down and started eating as Vaati just sat across from you. You were a bit surprised he could even cook since you've only ever eaten food made by you, but you weren't disappointed.

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