Chapter 17

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"Soomin and Dongsun" it said and my tear fell down.

I kept rereading it hoping it would somehow change.

Then I sat back down and class started.

The teacher said, "Get with your partners so you can start talking about your projects. Remember they are due next week!"

Then Dongsun came and sat next to me, "Hey baby, I am so glad we are partners!" And he winked at me.

"Look, lets just get this over with because we both know I don't want to see you." I rolled my eyes and he came close to me and whispered in my ear, "I'm not giving up on you baby."

I felt so uncomfortable and after class I tried switching partners but no one wanted to work with Dongsun.

So then I texted Dongsun, "When do you want to meet up to work on the project?"

Then I went outside of school and the limousine was already waiting for me.

I got in and went to Jin's house.

Then I finally got a reply from Dongsun, "Tomorrow after school?"

I replied, "Time? Place?"

Then I rolled my eyes when he said, "Night, my house."

"You wish. School library right when school ends."

I got no reply and ordered takeout.

Then I got a call from Jin.

"Hey babygirl! How are you doing? How was school? Who's your partner on your project?"

"My partner is Dongsun..." I said and there was silence for around a minute when he finally said, "Want me to send a bodyguard to you?"

I said no and he told me that he is placing a tracker on my phone.

I told him that was too much but he didn't stop so I just let him be.

-Time skip to tomorrow after school-

Class ended and I went to the library and waited for Dongsun.

The thing is he didn't show up so I called him.

"Where are you?" I screamed.

"Meet me at the back area of the school." He said and then hung up.

I didn't want to go but I had no choice so I went there.

I saw no one so I was about to leave when I felt someone grab me and push me to a wall.

I started screaming for help and heard a familiar voice, "I told you I wasn't giving up on you!" He said smirking.

Then he pulled me up to him, "Hello baby..." Then he started kissing my neck and I tried hitting him but I could barely walk because of my foot.

My phone ringed a few times but I couldn't pick it up.

Then all I did was cry and tried making him stop but nothing was working.

Then I felt him get away from me and I opened my eyes.

I saw Jin punching him and Dongsun fell to the ground. Then the police got him and arrested him.

Then Jin hugged me and tried calming me down.

I just cried in his shoulder and he helped me get to the car.

"Everything is fine now." He said hugging me.

"Ho-how you ge-get here?" I said trying to stop my tears but they just kept falling down.

"The moment you told me who your partner was I ordered a plane ticket. I actually came this morning and after class I kept checking your location and when you moved places I called you and when you didn't answered I came with the police."

Then he kissed my forehead, "Don't worry, everything is okay now."

Then we stayed there in each other's arms the whole ride. I finally felt protected, like I was worth it.

Then we got home and he laid me down at my bed and said, "If you need anything just hit this bell, and I will right here." Then he handed me a bell.

"Thank you so much, I don't what I would do without you." I said crying from joy.

He took my tears with his thumb and kissed me, "I would do anything for you, I love you Soomin."

Then he sat next to me and held my hand.

"I love you too." I said smiling looking at him.

He smiled and we stayed there and fell asleep.

Then I woke up and Jin was still holding my hand so I smiled and tried getting up.

Then I felt a hand push me back to bed, "You are not doing anything today so don't even think about it."

Then I pouted, "But that's not fair, I want to do something!"

Then he fake laughed and then put a serious face, "You wish, you have to rest to get your cast taken out next week!" 

Then he got up and went to my bathroom and took a shower.

Then he got out only wearing a towel.

I looked away blushing so hard when he came up to me and put his hand on my face, "Do you have a fever? Is this room too hot for you? Should I lower the temperature?"

Then I shook my head, "Just put clothes, please." I said with my eyes closed.

Then he laughed, "Ah! It's cause I'm too hot!" Then he left and I was finally able to breathe.

Then he came back with clothes and helped me get to the bathroom.

Then I signaled him to leave and he said, "What if you fall?" Then I squinted my eyes at him, "You can't stay here!"

"I promise I won't see anything!" He said smirking.

"Leave!" I pointed to the door and he sighed and left the bathroom.

I locked the door and washed myself then I came out and he was in my room. I only had a towel on so I told him to leave and he came close to me.

He pulled my head up and gave me a kiss. I was so happy to have him in my life. 

Then he left so I could change.

We both skipped school for the following week as he was supposed to be in London and the school let me because of what happened and my cast.

Then after my cast was taken off my mom came back.

We were all sitting down at the couch at Jin's house.

"Why did you come earlier mom?" I asked her.

"Soomin, I have something important to tell you." She said and me and Jin looked at each other worried.

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